British singer-songwriter Bruno Major has dropped his latest album ‘To Let A Good Thing Die’, dedicating it in solidarity to the Black community and in reverence to its culture, of which he noted without it, his music would not have been possible.

Said Major of his release,

Since announcing my new album on March 19th I have been overwhelmed by support from my fans and your vocal anticipation for its release. The world we find ourselves in now is a very different one from then, and it would be tone deaf of me not to take a moment to reflect on the tribulations many of us are experiencing.

After genuine soul searching, and confiding in friends, family and colleagues, I have taken the decision to release “To Let A Good Thing Die” today. I do so in solidarity with the Black community, and in deep reverence to Black culture, without which my music would not exist. 

You have shown me the power of an artist is in bringing people together, whoever and wherever they may be. I hope that in ‘To Let A Good Thing Die,’ you will find 32 minutes of warmth. I am really, really proud of this album.

All my love,

Bruno x”

The 10-song album glows in positivity and tight embraces, from the slow-dance colours of ‘The Most Beautiful Thing’ to the final and self-titled track ‘To Let A Good Thing Die’.

In between the album, we have the jazzy vibes of ‘Regent Park’ and incandescent light of ‘Old-Fashioned’.

The music artist who promised on new music to make up for his cancelled shows, has indeed delivered, and we are extremely happy with his new sounds!

Here’s hoping that we get to see Bruno Major soon in Asia once this is all over.

Until then, we’re definitely keeping our heads up and seeing the light in Major’s beautiful new album.

Listen to the album below!