The shape of Ed Sheeran’s Southeast Asia tour is getting clearer everyday, Sheerios.

First we learned from Ed’s manager Stuart Camp that the North American dates of the ÷ Tour (Divide Tour) will be announced in March and Southeast Asian dates “around the same time” or in “March at [the] earliest”.

When can we expect to see our favourite ginger in the flesh, you ask? Camp’s got you covered.

Which means the US/Canada tour will take place in the summer before Ed’s year wraps up in our embrace.

As to where the Suffolk singer will be performing, we’ll have to wait for the big announcement. So far the only city confirmed, albeit verbally, is Kuala Lumpur. In a recent interview Ed did in Japan with ERA FM weekend announcer Jaa Suzuran, he revealed some good news to Malaysian fans, “Thank you so much to everyone in Malaysia. I will see you soon. I think I’m coming back to Kuala Lumpur end of this year.”

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Hear the words uttered in the full interview below (the shoutout starts at 6.54).

Ed last performed in Malaysia in March 2015 for his x Tour. He also played sold-out shows in Mumbai, Seoul, Shanghai Hong Kong, Manila and Singapore.

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Hopefully, more Southeast Asian stops will be announced now that the region has a tour leg all to itself. Start saving up, folks. Your city might just be on the official schedule in a few weeks.

Ed Sheeran’s ÷ Tour kicks off March 16 in Turin, Italy. Tickets to his UK and European shows reportedly sold out in five minutes.

Update (Mar 8): Stuart Camp revealed this week the tour announcement would be made in May instead.

Update (Apr 17): In a video uploaded by Philippines Concerts yesterday (filmed in the same room as the above interview) Ed tells Filipino fans, “I’ll see you all soon,” after revealing the Philippines is his biggest market in the world. Well done, Sheerios!