Spinnin’ Records shares Asia’s newest platform, music consumption, social media and more.

Spinnin’ Records is expanding global impression with the launch of Spinnin’ Records Asia. The dance and electronic label is welcoming artists from young Asian heritage talents from the world to showcase their music to a global audience. Read below to see what Spinnin’ Records have to say.

ASL365: Congratulations on the launch of Spinnin’ Records Asia.  Can you give us a little introduction to it?

SR: Asia is one of the most interesting regions for dance music, delivering lots of exciting new artists. This label is meant to introduce some of these artists (or artists with Asian roots) to the rest of the world. It’s also a place where artists from other regions can team up with Asian artists, resulting in unique new sounds and (hopefully) ground breaking genres.

ASL365: What do you think about the Asian market?

SR: We feel this is up-and-coming. We initially noticed the rise of the Asian scene by our own artists receiving more bookings there. They came back with impressive experiences at wonderful festivals and events, with a huge, dedicated audience. We then saw more and more DJs and producers from the Asian countries emerge, the quality of the music was getting better. And now, it’s at a point where it could change the face of worldwide dance music with its unique artists and music.

ASL365:  What do you think Spinnin’ Records Asia will bring to the Asian EDM scene?

SR: We hope to add even more fresh vibes to the scene 🙂 But above all, we hope the Asian scene can bring us the best possible music, so we can promote this with the rest of the world!

ASL365: Who are some of the newer producers you are working with that you’re excited about?

SR: The first release on the label came from BEAUZ, two brothers who were born in Asia. They have a super cool fresh new sound, you can call it psy-pop, and they are finalizing their second single for us at the moment. We recently did a release with famous Indonesian actress and singer Prilly, together with the Brazilian duo Selva. We released a cool vocal future house track from Ken Takano, who teamed up with a fresh producer called Patrick Moreno, and now there’s a super cool new version/mix coming up from SHAUN and Advanced, titled ‘My Bad’(feat. Julie Bergan) which is an edit by KSHMR. We are talking to DJ Soda for a couple of single releases, plus we are working on a couple of other exciting projects – more news soon!

ASL36: What kind of stuff do you look for in a producer? Are there tangibles that you can look for?

SR: Most importantly, a producer needs to bring something fresh. There are a lot of DJs and producers who tend to imitate an already popular sound, but these kind of records often are not the most interesting for us. We look for someone who brings a completely unique sound, something that immediately attracts attention. This can be a certain electronic sound or genre, or a very cool pop hook. Melody is important here, you want something that’s unforgettable and immediately clicks with an audience.
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ASL365: Some labels sign an artist of that caliber just to have that artist on the roster. Are you going for that kind of signing, or do you think he is capable of having a hit record?

SR: We have always been about good music. As said, a great melody or groundbreaking new sound. That’s also why we sign a lot of young, unknown producers – if they bring something special, we want to sign them! Of course, we also work with major artists, but they have proven themselves as trendsetters already, so we don’t sign them just because of their name – we know they are capable of delivering something special.

ASL365: Is Spinnin’ Records Asia going to work with other genres in the future? For example Techno?

SR: We are interested in any kind of electronic music genre. From pop and hip-hop to deep house and techno, we have released music in just about every style 🙂 And yes, techno is also one of our loves, so anything’s possible.

ASL365: What kind of strategy does the label use to promote their music?

First of all, let the music do its work. We pitch our releases with most of the biggest DJs in the world, in order to get their support. Once the club and festivals crowds are excited about a record, we promote it on a wider scale, from (specialist) radio and all the streaming portals to (dance) music media. We work with tailor made strategic marketing plans for each release. What works for one record definitely doesn’t mean it will work for another. We take a close look at both the track itself and the artist in order to lock in a solid plan, which increases our chances of having the best possible outcome.

ASL365: What effects have social media and streaming services had on music sharing and consumption?

SR: Spinnin’ has always been one of the frontrunners when it comes to social media, hence the brands’ enormous current reach. We were able to build a true, and still growing community which gives us the opportunity to talk to our fans directly. A huge advantage in this new era of music consumption. We are a household name, a quality mark, within the dance scene and this translates to the streaming services as well. We have a huge following on Spotify and it’s amazing to see that there is room for all (sub) genres to exist.
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ASL365: In the face of competition from other music records, what makes Spinnin’ Records Asia stand out?

SR: We believe it’s our 20 years long background in dance music and working with so many different artists that gives us an edge. We know our way in the global scene, are connected with the right people, and are able to pick up a great record anywhere in the world. Of course, being part of Warner Music Group also helps a lot – we have even more foothold in different parts of the world now. Warner is super helpful with enhancing our brand and discovering new artists.

ASL364: What’s next for Spinnin’ Records Asia?

SR: Lots of new music! Right now we are going strong with the new single from Prilly & Selva – ‘Shooting Stars’. But there’s also a Vietnames Nu Breed EP coming up, as well as a KSHMR edit of SHAUN and Advanced – ‘My Bad’, bot scheduled for release in March. Our goal is to deliver some groundbreaking records from Asia this year, which we have already found many of since the launch of the label. Lots of good stuff coming up!