Flawes share new track ‘Holding Out For The Win’

The British pop trio have unveiled their new single ‘Holding Out For The Win’ – their first track in their upcoming EP Reverie.

For a band whose music so often celebrates the beauty in life’s most challenging moments, even Flawes have had their patience tested in 2020. The dynamic electronic pop trio started the year on a high by fulfilling a life-long ambition with the release of their debut album ‘Highlights’. But events would mean that their big plans for the rest of the year were dashed.

Instead they threw themselves into a flurry of activity. Writing and recording individually yet still collaboratively gave them a refreshed sonic identity, as they shared their new single ‘Holding Out For The Win’. 

It’s the first track to preview their upcoming EP Reverie, which is set to follow on February 26th via Red Bull Records. 

While ‘Holding Out For The Win’ emerged in testing circumstances, you wouldn’t guess it. Flawes instead sound emboldened, their irrepressible live energy feeding into exhilarating alt-pop invigorated by retro synths. It’s a track resolutely in tune with 2020, but with a ‘80s undercurrent. That’s further reflected with Freddie Edwards’ guitar work, which aimed to translate the stirring sax found in some of Springsteen’s classics to his own instrument.

‘Holding Out For The Win’ is about that split second in a relationship when you realise: this is something special,” says frontman JC Carruthers. “It’s based at the start of a relationship and it documents the moment of falling in love with someone and realising there’s something to be lost here. It’s the realisation: I need to make this work.”

The song’s future-retro ambience also inspires its official video. Freddie and drummer Josh ‘Huss’ Hussey get stuck into a session of old school gaming thrills – but where’s JC?

‘Holding Out For The Win’ introduces the Reverie EP, which is the band’s strongest music to date. Featuring producers including Toby Scott (Gorgon City, Pet Shop Boys), it’s uplifting and inventive pop that offers escapism as a welcome respite in a year when reality’s been a lot to handle. 

Says JC,

“We have a very positive attitude in Flawes and when I’m writing lyrics I’ll always go towards positive themes, trying to find a positive in any situation. That’s where all three of us feel most comfortable. We don’t want to live in a sad place. Flawes is all about finding light in a difficult world.”

With their previous releases ‘Lowlights’ and ‘Highlights’, Flawes has seen its music video for ‘Look No Further’ added to rotation on Channel V Asia, VH1 India and VERY TV, along with numerous press features and radio pickups. From here, the only direction the band can go is up.

Reverie EP tracklist:

  1. Holding Out For The Win
  2. What’s A Boy To Do
  3. Higher Than Before (ft. Mali Koa)
  4. I Don’t Quit For No One
  5. Move Over
  6. Against All Odds

Pre-order/pre-save the EP at here.





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