Happy April Fool’s day our beloved readers! AsiaLive365 is back with your April Fool’s Day theme playlist. With top 10 foolish tracks from being fooled or being a helpless – “fool for love”. We know this all too well… so get ready to relate!

Let’s hear it!

1.  Troye Sivan – “FOOLS”

2. Jonas Brother – “Sucker”

3. Khalid & Normani – “Love Lies”

4. Seconds Of Summer – “Lie To Me”

5. Avril Lavigne – “Tell Me It’s Over”

5. Ariana Grande – “in my head”

6. Ella Mai – “A Thousand Times Over”

7. Ed Sheeran – “Happier”

8. Halsey – “Bad At Love”

9. Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne, Tyga – “Loyal”

10. Jimin Park – “April Fools (0401)”

For anyone of you who’s been played or “fooled”, whether you’re “a fool in love”, “crazy in love” or generally “born a fool”, these infectious songs are perfect for you!
Happy April Fool’s Day everyone! Happy pranking! I hope you don’t get fooled again this time!
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