English electronica producer George FitzGerald is back from a three-year hiatus with a stunning intergalactic tune titled ‘Ultraviolet’.

‘Ultraviolet’ applies George FitzGerald’s visionary scope to a vast soundscape. Instilling a sense of wonder and born from a moment of creative solitude, the new track by the English producer features flourishes of distortion and an uplifting bass tone.

Accompanying the mesmerizing single is trippy visualizer designed by David Rudnick and web developer Chris Shier. The video reinterprets billboards of the past into a futuristic work of art that depicts distorted space audio signals.

FitzGerald says,

“Ultraviolet came together over several long nights alone in the studio, dreaming about rushing to the furthest place I could imagine at the fastest speed possible. Firing through space at 1000s of miles an hour without moving.”

Take a deep dive into dreamy soundscapes with George FitzGerald’s otherworldly music via Spotify below.

Photo credit: Steve Gullick