The fourth installment of Kaskade’s REDUX EP series was released on April 4.

After teasing fans last month with two groovy singles, Kaskade have released the ‘REDUX 004’ EP for them to dance to in the comfort of their homes. Released via the producer’s own Arkade music label, the four-track EP includes the previously-mentioned two singles (‘Love Like That’ and ‘Sexy’) as well as two new tracks.

All four tracks in the EP will have fans bopping to the songs’ hypnotic beats from start to finish. Opening track and lead single ‘Love Like That’ features singer Dani Poppitt’s sultry vocals blending in with a melodic piano riff to create a groovy deep-house tune. Whereas the other single, the bass-heavy ‘Sexy’, transports listeners back to a time of partying down at the club with friends.

‘Find Love’ offers an emotional and bass driven journey helped by the piano and Kaskade’s echoing vocals before progressing into the song’s bouncy beats. ‘Feel It’, with its thumping bassline, is a perfect tune for those late-night drives or dancing the night away at an underground venue.

The release of the EP is the fourth of Kaskade’s ‘REDUX’ EP deep house series, a departure from the artist’s electro/progressive sound. It follows the producer’s 18-track ‘REDUX 003’ EP released last year.

Listen to ‘REDUX 004’ on Spotify here.