In a display of spiritual solidarity and unwavering praise, the Filipino community came together for an unforgettable evening with Hillsong London in Manila 2023. The show, which took place at the SM Mall of Asia Arena on October 17, brought a pulsating energy that reverberated days after.

Originating from Sydney, Australia, Hillsong Worship has made waves since its inception in 1983. With its mission to reach the world through contemporary Christian music, it has not only achieved critical acclaim but also touched countless souls globally. The group, recognized for chart-toppers and spiritually stirring numbers, has fostered an extensive catalog. Their influence is not just through music but expands to global church services, conferences, and more.


Hillsong London in Manila 2023 proper


The concert was a testament to the ensemble’s far-reaching impact. The arena was packed, showcasing a diverse demographic of attendees, from baby boomers and Gen Xers to millennials. However, predominantly, the Gen Z crowd made its presence strongly felt.


With a slightly delayed start, the event kicked off around 8:30 pm. But what it lacked in punctuality, it more than made up for in presentation and performance. The audio-visual spectacle was top-notch. The expertise of the lights and sounds team was evident, even though there were a few minor hiccups with the subtitle cues. The camera work, projected on overhead screens, provided close-ups that further intensified the experience.

The crowd’s enthusiasm was palpable from the get-go, with roars of excitement echoing throughout the venue. This collective energy peaked during the performance of Oceans. Sung after the midway point, the song witnessed attendees singing in unison with a heartfelt and moving intensity.


Hillsong London’s band, particularly its energetic drummer, alongside the powerhouse female vocalists, ensured the atmosphere remained electrifying. Their interactions with the Filipino audience were heartwarming, making everyone feel valued and included. Following a brief interlude led by a Manila-based youth preacher, the band returned with an even higher tempo. It was on their final three songs for the night, transforming the worship setting into a full-blown celebration of faith and unity.




Tickets for this spiritual rendezvous, available via SM Tickets, became a hot commodity, leading to a packed house. The event highlighted the musical prowess of Hillsong London and showcased the Filipinos’ deep-rooted Christian faith.

As the night concluded a little past 10:30 pm, it was evident that “Hillsong London in Manila 2023” was not just a concert. It was a testament to the unwavering spirit of the Filipino people and their boundless praise for a higher power.


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