We spoke to British pop band and TikTok stars Here At Last to find out more about them (guess who’s the best cook!), their music and what’s next in the pipeline of their blooming music career.

With 2.4 million followers and over 46 million likes on TikTok, British pop band Here At Last has something the crowd wants. From covers and new songs to their viral “Guess Who’s Singing” videos, the band have certainly captured the attention of their Gen Z viewers, enthralling the audience with their boyish charms and youthful relatability.

Their debut ‘Tongue’ came out in April this year, followed closely by ‘Remedy’ which was released just last month.

With a huge fan base in Asia, with Indonesians and Filipinos making up a big chunk of the band’s following on TikTok, the band comprising members Zach, Tommy, Pedro, James and Ryan are definitely looking to climb up the charts beyond just TikTok. 

And from what we’ve seen (and heard) so far, it’s only just the beginning…

We spoke to the band to find out more about them, their music and what’s in the pipeline.

AL365: Hi Here at Last, Vanessa here from AsiaLive365. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Congrats on the release of both your singles ‘Tongue’ and ‘Remedy’. What can you tell us about the inspiration behind both these songs?

Here At Last: Thank you so much, we thought that ‘Tongue’ was a good first release as it was a catchy summer bop that we thought would stick in people’s head.

‘Remedy’ has a deeper meaning and is about self love and moving on after a toxic relationship.

AL365: What’s your story behind the name ‘Here At Last’?

Here At Last: At the start of the band we dabbled with a few names, some unrepeatable. However, Tommy one night sent in the name ‘Here At Last’ and we thought it was very fitting and stuck with us.

AL365: How’s the transition from TikTok to releasing original music on streaming platforms going for you guys?

Here At Last: We’ve been very fortunate to have a fairly large following on TikTok which has helped massively with the release of Tongue and Remedy as we’ve been able to share our music with the fans.

AL365: Speaking of TikTok, we love your TikToks, especially the  ‘Guess Who’s Singing’ videos. They’re so fun to try to guess. Who came up with that idea?

Here At Last: We had many discussions about the TikTok algorithm and realised that we needed a concept that made people rewatch. It only seemed fitting as singers that we created the trend now known as ‘Guess who’s singing’.

AL365: For new listeners who don’t normally watch TikTok, what can you tell us about yourselves and your music?

Here At Last: We think our music really reflects our personalities as they come across as cheeky but meaningful. As 18-19 year olds, we truly believe we are releasing music that teenagers and even young adults can relate to.

AL365: Alright, here are some “the best of the best” questions. Who would you say is or has the best hairstyle, best jokes, best time management (timekeeper of the group), best cook, best fashion sense?

Here At Last:

  • best hairstyle – Tommy
  • best jokes – James
  • best time management (timekeeper of the group) – Tommy
  • best cook – James
  • best fashion sense – Pedro

AL365: What sort of music or artists do you guys listen to – and do you feel it, inspiring what you write?

Here At Last: We think that people in the industry that we listen to, have helped us develop the music we create. This can range from, Why Don’t We, Justin Bieber, James Arthur to Shawn Mendes.

AL365: Any dream collaborations in mind?

Here At Last: We’ve discussed this question before and we have always said we would love to collaborate with a female artist like Ariana grande, Anne Marie, Mabel, Halsey etc.

AL365: What are you up to right now – are you enjoying the “additional” sunshine in the UK right now?

Here At Last: We’ve been enjoying the small time off we’ve had. Ryan and Zach have been busking in Reading Central so it’s always nice to meet fans and actually be able to interact with them finally!

AL365: Besides the release of the two singles and your adventures on TikTok – what’s next in the pipeline for Here At Last?

Here At Last: We are going to continue releasing singles and if COVID allows us, we are excited to start planning for our first ever show which the fans have been patiently waiting for.

AL365: Thanks again Here At Last. Looking forward to hearing more of your music!

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