INTERVIEW: Thomas Gold Inspires Fans to ‘Live A Little Louder’

We chat with Thomas Gold following the release of the German DJ-producer’s latest track, ‘Live a Little Louder’, earlier this month.

On April 3, Thomas Gold’s newest tune, ‘Live A Little A Louder’, was released via Protocol Recordings. The timely release of the German producer’s upbeat and melodic progressive house track are just what fans needed as everyone is in self-isolation during the COVID-19 crisis. We chat with Gold on the production of the song and his thoughts on the current state of the music industry during the ongoing virus pandemic.

AL365: Tell us about the story behind the production of your newest track, ‘Live A Little Louder’? 

Thomas Gold: I was looking for a vocal for my next production and when I received the rough demo vocal of ‘Live A Little Louder’, I was like “That’s the one!”. I got in touch with the writers and started the production straight away. It didn’t take much time to finish the mix as I had a really nice flow of ideas coming in.

AL365: I was listening to ‘Live A Little Louder’ when the sun went down, it matched the vibe perfectly. What is your perfect time and place to listen to this song?

TG: I think it’s the perfect song for the upcoming summer – as you said, sun going down, chilled but still uplifting vibes – that’s where I can see this one.

AL365: The track is incredibly uplifting and it is what fans need most during the COVID-19 outbreak. How did the situation directly influence the production and release of the song?

TG: Maybe I didn’t realize it myself while I was working on the track, but maybe this is why I chose this vocal for my production. It is already positive and uplifting, so I could easily add to this with my music.

AL365: Listening to ‘Live A Little Louder’, many fans have said the track goes back to your progressive house roots. Was there any specific reason to go back to this style?

TG: Not really, it is kind of ‘part of me’ and my musical history. So it comes back from time to time and for this one, I wanted to go down the progressive house road.

AL365: Like many of your tracks, we definitely see that ‘Live A Little Louder’ is going to be your next big festival anthem. For the past two years, however, you go by a second DJ name known as AU-1 whose music has more of a tech-house/underground sound. Are there any differences during the creative process between your two aliases?

TG: Yes, there are! The way I approach a Thomas Gold production is totally different from how I work on AU-1 music. AU-1 is more groove driven, with longer parts of drums/basslines; everything is less energetic in an AU-1 (apart from a big buildup in the middle section). Also, I use completely different sounds and techniques to process those sounds. AU-1 for example sounds a bit more ‘analogue’ in the low end, while my Thomas Gold productions sound a bit more ‘digital’.

AL365: How would you describe the evolution of your sound from when you first began producing to now? 

TG: In the beginning, my sound didn’t even match the level of what was going on ‘out there’ in the market, so I had to learn the basics. And I am still learning every day – new genres, new sounds, new techniques – which influences the overall sound of my productions. Also, my taste develops naturally over time, so this is a reason why my sound constantly evolves which is essential to me as otherwise I would get bored

AL365: You’re a legend in your own right, however, you’ve really been going strong as AU-1 over the past two years. What originally inspired the project and how has it evolved and changed over the years?

TG: I have always been a fan of the underground tech-house and tribal movement, and I used to DJ back in the days within this genre. I released ‘techy’ tracks on Toolroom Records a few years ago. So I wanted to finally give this passion a place to be – which means a dedicated project – and this is why I created AU-1 (and my ELEMENT 79 record label). It’s still small, but within this genre, things have to grow organically and you have to give things a bit of time.

AL365: Going back to the COVID-19 situation, the outbreak has affected the music industry as a whole and has resulted in cancelled tours and festivals in the foreseeable future. How are you managing during this time of crisis?

TG: It is a disaster for all us DJs – I can’t describe it any other way. The whole business is literally gone for months, and with it, the financial situation is hitting most of us hard. I am trying to make the best out of the situation. I will start some new business very soon which is all about musical/creative/educational content that I can distribute online. I have been working on these business concepts for a long time, but while I was touring there was not much time to really get things done. NOW is the time to do that. Be prepared – news coming soon!

AL365: What are some of your passions outside of music? Do you still have the time and energy to pursue them?

TG: I love to workout hard in the gym as this gives me time to unwind from the music business. I also love to hang out with friends (not right now unfortunately). Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to do these things but sometimes you HAVE to give yourself some of this leisure time in between the daily business.

AL365: What are some tips you can give to new DJs starting out?

TG: Find your own sound. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel, but don’t just copy/paste from successful tracks. Be patient to find that sound. Be 100% motivated. And don’t be disappointed – things really need time.

AL365: Once the COVID-19 situation finally gets better and we are all out of quarantine, where do you want to be and why?

TG: I want to be in a healthy state and with my -healthy- family. And then I hope that we all can get back to travelling, bringing our music to places all over the world and that everybody can enjoy social life again. Including myself.





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