INTERVIEW: “I truly can’t believe it’s happening. This record has been almost 10 years in the making.” – Wrabel

We dive deep down into the emotional and beautiful soundscape of Wrabel and find out more about his music, including his highly anticipated forthcoming album these words are all for you.

The much-anticipated full-length debut album ‘these words are all for you’ from singer-songwriter Wrabel is set to hit the airwaves in just two months. And we are stoked!

The talented singer-songwriter who has worked and collaborated with the likes of Kesha, P!nk, Louis Tomlinson, Backstreet Boys, Louis the Child, Wafia, Cash Cash, and more, is back with more songs and a full-length album for all of us. Featured artists in this forthcoming album include Duncan Laurence (who brought us the passionate and riveting ‘Arcade’), as well as Madi Diaz.

It is indeed an exciting period for an album that has been 10 years in the making. From songs as old as 8 years old to the recently released ‘nothing but the love’, there is certainly nothing but love that we feel for Wrabel right now as it leads up to this exciting new chapter of his music career.

The forthcoming album will showcase what has made Wrabel a go-to for heart-shattering slice-of-life songwriting about finding love, losing it, and discovering oneself throughout the journey.

‘good’ for instance, released as his first solo single this year, has our hearts in stitches, pulling at its strings with its undulating falsetto and gorgeous honesty that strikes at the very core of each and every one of us.

Says Wrabel,

“I poured everything into this record, and I am just so proud of it. I feel so lucky to have made it with people so close to me and, as an independent artist on my label, partnered with Nettwerk. I always thought my first record would be a break-up record since the first time I started making it, it very much was. This album is filled with love. Hope. True stories and true feelings. I hope that me sharing in this way helps even one person feel understood, feel better, feel like they’re not alone, and it offers hope that love will come and bring the healing powers it holds.”

We spoke to Wrabel to find out more about this exciting new release, the music that inspires him and what’s next on this beautiful journey.

AL365: Hi Wrabel, Vanessa here from AsiaLive365. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Congrats on the release of your recent single ‘nothing but the love’. You’ve said that this song is close to your heart as it is a song that you wrote by yourself on the record. What was this song inspired by and describe the moment that it’s lyrics just flowed through you?

Wrabel: I started this song just before going into the studio to do the final vocals for the album. I was listening to the album as a whole and I felt something was missing — a love song. I write true stories and pull from my life for everything I write, so I couldn’t and wouldn’t let this record come out without sharing something about this love I feel so lucky to have found. I sat on my couch with my guitar as something finished up in the oven and I started mumbling along … “ what could make me …… what could ….. nothing but the love you give” I recorded a memo of the idea and the lyrics started coming to me over the next few days. I recorded the original demos myself and did 12 versions/revisions before I felt it was done and ready to bring to Stint.

AL365: these words are all for you will be your debut full length album. How excited are you about its forthcoming release in two months?

Wrabel: I truly can’t believe it’s happening. This record has been almost 10 years in the making. I’ve poured my life and my heart into this and I’m just so, so proud of it. I don’t think there are words for how excited I am. Brings tears to my eyes.

AL365: You’ve said that the newest song on the album is just a few months old, while the oldest is eight years old. How hard was it to pick what songs went into the album, and was there any particular song or songs that you regret not putting in, but that might be released in the future?

Wrabel: Oh boy, it was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. And I really mean that. There are definitely songs that will be released outside of the album. There were a few that gutted me to leave out. I tried to remember that songs are forever. Just as some songs from 8 years ago will be on this record , something I’ve left off could be on a project 8 years from now ha!

AL365: If you could pick a song from the new album to introduce a new listener to (ie; the very first wrabel song that they would hear), what would it be and why

Wrabel: Wow, that’s a hard one. I think it would be the oldest song on the record – and title track – ‘love is not a simple thing to lose’. It feels like a piece of my heart and was the most emotional day of writing I’ve ever experienced.

AL365: Tell us more about yourself – what sort of music or artists inspires you? Would you say that your music listening habits have changed from when you were younger, or do the same music and artists still inspire you?

Wrabel: I stay pretty true to my biggest inspirations. Aqualung, Paul Simon, Bruce Hornsby, Coldplay, Kate Bush – these are some of my biggest. I don’t listen to a ton of new music. When I’m in a delicate place, it can make me feel insecure and quite anxious if I’m listening to every song that’s just been released.

AL365: You’ve worked (collaborated and co-written) with many fellow music artists. Is there someone who you’ve not worked with yet but you would love to – or someone who you would like to work with again?

Wrabel: I feel so truly lucky to have collaborators and friends that I get to work with regularly. Kesha, Wafia, Tenille Townes are a few. I am still in disbelief that I’ve worked with P!nk and would absolutely love to have the chance to do that again. She’s such an unreal talent and has the biggest, most beautiful heart.

AL365: The virtual single release party in April for ‘good’ was such a wholesome and wonderful experience. It was such a beautiful moment to connect with fellow fans from all over. It’s been over a year since live performances have come to an almost standstill (for most countries at least, unless regionally). With international touring still out of the question for many, what do you miss most of live gigs and touring and the entire human interaction, and if you could say something to your fans in Asia, what would it be?

Wrabel: I really miss touring. The thing I miss the most is the unique connection it offers. The face-to-face, human-to-human sharing of songs and stories and tears and laughs. I really miss that. And I would like to say thank you so much for listening to my music. It blows my mind to know that my songs mean something to you. I hope to get to see you soon. Sending you all my love.

AL365: Speaking of which, can we look forward to another release party – perhaps to celebrate the forthcoming album?

Wrabel: 🙂 I hope so! In Los Angeles, we have a release show planned at The Regent on September 23. But I hope to do something in the virtual space as well to get to interact with people that aren’t local to LA.

AL365: Besides these words are all for you, what’s next for Wrabel?

Wrabel: I have a few shows planned that I’m really excited about. There are also a few collaborations outside of my own record that I cannot wait to share. As well as a few other artists releasing songs we’ve written together. I never really know what’s next for me, but there always will be another song. 

AL365: Thank you wrabel. Can’t wait for the album. Hoping to see you in Asia one day!

Wrabel: Thank you so much for the time and thoughtful questions. I hope for the same!

these words are all for you will drop on September 24 via Nettwerk Records. 


‘back to back (with Duncan Laurence)’, his next single release of the upcoming album, comes out today.

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these words are all for you Tracklist:

let love in

wish you well

don’t pick up the phone


back to back (feat. Duncan Laurence)   



it’s us (feat. Madi Diaz)

nothing but the love

pale blue dot

love is not a simple thing to lose 





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