Hainan, China-based duo Intro to Music Theory have shared their ten-track debut record, ‘First Inversion’, out now via HMP Records.

Intro to Music Theory’s debut LP, ‘First Inversion’, offers a wealth of calm, euphoric dance tunes ranging from atmospheric and mellow to upbeat and funky.


The LP features previously-released single, ‘The California Almond’, a funky as heck tune that features a ton of trumpets blazing throughout its four-minute run.

The pair felt as if the track β€œchannels the freedom of a Pacific Coast Highway road trip and the reliably funky brass sections of the 70s”.

Highlights in the ten-track album include the atmospheric opener ‘Date Shakes’, the ambient but groovy ‘Full Phat’ with its catchy vocal cuts, the energetic and infectious dance banger ‘Heist at the Thievery Corporation’ with its upbeat drums and horns, and the jazz-infused closing track ‘When I Close My Eyes’.

Intro to Music Theory comments,

β€œ’First Inversion’ was a true joy to produce and took us for a journey as we sought to combine our live performance with our studio sound, combining elements of electronic music that shaped our early musical development as we look towards the future. Throughout the process, we strive to bring spontaneity to the electronic genre while staying true to our roots, and we hope that our debut album offering brings life and rejuvenation to the listener.”

Consisting of members Matt Waters and Matthew Busch, Intro to Music Theory is an avant-garde electronic music duo whose productions blend house music with live instruments.

They are heavily involved within the NFT and cryptocurrency landscape, releasing their music virtually and collaborating with partners such as Charged Particles, Token Smart, Dao Records, and Bittrees.

Last month, they hosted a launch party in which guests received prize giveaways as well as partaking in virtual scavenger hunts and witnessing live performances from the group and special guests.