American alternative rock band Point North have released their debut album, ‘Brand New Vision’, out on Hopeless Records.

With ‘Brand New Vision’, Point North embraces an alternate reality that celebrates a break from predictability and normalcy for a world that is uncomfortable, a world that has meaning, a world in colour – a place to feel something.

Members Jon Lundin (vocals), Andy Hershey (guitar), and Sage Weeber (drums) share this,

We are so happy for Brand New Vision to finally be out. After so much personal and musical growth, we are so proud of what we were able to accomplish together. We can only hope that the rest of the world gets the same sense of joy out of this album as we do. If listeners could take anything away from the album, it would be to always find the silver lining, take action instead of remaining inactive and to always choose love over hate. We wanted to bring about a sense of unity with this album. If we can accomplish that in any positive capacity, the album is a success.

With humble hearts, we hope you enjoy Brand New Vision and hope to play these songs live very soon. Black lives matter, LGBTQ rights are human rights, abolish ICE and please use your voices and VOTE. Be the change we need and help bring Brand New Vision to life.

‘Brand New Vision’ opens with the title track “Brand New Vision (feat. DE’WAYNE)” and the introduction of Drax, the sentient being that we will be following on our journey through this world.

Through Drax’s eyes and singer/producer Jon Lundin’s honest, raw, and fragile vocals, Point North illuminates the landscape with big instrumentation, massive energy, and an earnest optimism that sets the tone for the songs to come.

With roots in pop and hip hop to punk rock and even heavy metal, Point North has crafted an entirely unique sound that seamlessly layers big anthemic rock with pop hooks and soulfully vulnerable vocals.

In the soul-searching, ‘Into The Dark (feat. Sleeping With Sirens’ Kellin Quinn)’, the breakout single that enjoyed weeks of airplay on Sirius XM Octane, Point North showcased both the passion and unbridled energy of the journey through the honest truths, dilemmas, and hardships we face as emotional creatures.

In the next moment, Point North takes us through a story of self-forgiveness and self-love, with ‘A Million Pieces’, and the darkness and despair of cold realities and hopelessness in ‘No One’s Listening’.

Through it all, Drax continues to push forward, not wanting to accept a broken world with inevitable truths, culminating in the closing track, ‘Be The Same’, Point North’s driving message to the world. It’s okay to feel discomfort, it’s okay to acknowledge that you’re reaching for a change, it’s okay to say “I don’t want to be the same.”

Self-produced by Jon Lundin and Point North, ‘Brand New Vision’ is the album Point North have waited their entire lives to release.

Devoid of crazy metaphors or poetry, Brand New Vision is human, honest, vulnerable, and aspirational.

As the band asserts,

“If we can inspire one person to exert some good into this world, we have done our jobs.”