jaye releases a contemplative debut mini EP ‘how much is your life worth?’

Fueled by a fiery desire to constantly question and challenge the norm, musician and creative entrepreneur jaye returns with a brand new mini EP how much is your life worth?. Containing two brand new tracks, ‘TIME NOT $’ and ‘BACKLASH’, the mini EP is now available on all digital platforms.

Having garnered positive reviews and a cult following with the release of “TOMORROW” (over 1.2million views on YouTube) and “TOMORROW THE GAME” (featured on Alpha Beta Gamer) back in Halloween 2019, jaye’s iconic persona inspired by popular comic-book villain Joker, makes a comeback appearance in this release. Produced by Tat Tong, jaye’s mini EP features two new songs: “TIME NOT $”, which deals with the undervaluing time and overvaluing of money, and “BACKLASH”, an anthem against giving in to the fear of judgment.

Taking the art of music videos to another level, jaye has consistently hit over 1 million views with his music videos, notably for “DEJAVU” and “ADHD”, the latter being released as a choose-your-own-adventure style interactive video. jaye’s latest release unveils another innovative music video, produced by Bless7Up for both tracks on his EP, in which his wife, Nicholette Pang, acts alongside him. The music video tells the story of a post-pandemic dystopia in which the only escape from the darkness of constant death is a virtual world—the meta-verse.

Known for his multidisciplinary approach, jaye’s debut EP continues his innovative tradition of releasing a gaming component to his music. Following the release of the music video, jaye will also release a virtual reality game, developed by Extra Nice, that extends from the music video’s digital dystopian aesthetic. 

An artist with a keen sense of the contemporary issues facing us in modern life, jaye explores his ideas in various mediums, searching for the ways that different mediums add a new understanding to the philosophical dilemma of how best to use our short time on earth. Working with esteemed British-Bulgarian painter Deyan Mihov, jaye will exhibit a collection of both physical and digital artwork in Singapore, due to launch in early December alongside young artists from Hatch Art Project. An auction for the artwork will be held in London, with digital works selling as NFTs and a portion of all sales being donated to charity.





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