Yeo explores singledom and abandonment issues on ‘OBSESSION’

Continuing his R&B experimentations, Yeo releases emo R&B single ‘OBSESSION’ – a subversive track that will leave you unsure of whether to laugh or cry.

Yeo’s latest song deals with issues of abandonment and being single, drawing inspiration from the likes of Weezer, Joji, and Phantom Planet to craft a track with mellow guitars and ‘sadboi’ lyricism.

Bringing us on a complex journey of longing, relationships, mental health and family, the Asian-Australian R&B artist reminds us that life isn’t always picture perfect and that there doesn’t always have to be a moral to every story for it to be meaningful.

‘OBSESSION’ is the follow-up single to ‘U IN?’ in a series of releases to be dropped throughout this year. Each single is accompanied by Yeo’s cooking series in which he prepares and serves his favorite Asian dishes.

Yeo, never shying away from self-reflection and his cultural identity, performed in Mandarin for the first time last year with Taiwanese-Australian songwriter Chendy on ‘好好的過 (Have A Nice Life)’.

The track was well-received by curators around Southeast Asia.

Listen to Yeo via Spotify.





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