Rhys Lewis

Listen to Rhys Lewis’ new single ‘The Sun Will Rise’

Ahead of his upcoming debut album Things I Chose To Remember which is set to be unveiled on July 10, Rhys has released his latest single – ‘The Sun Will Rise’. 

Earlier this year, the Oxfordshire-born singer-songwriter also released ‘When Was The Last Time’ – a song dressed in incandescent vocals and poignant lyrical prose – capturing perhaps, the perfect conclusion of a love or relationship.

Noting his feelings during the ‘lockdown’, Lewis notes how his new song ‘The Sun Will Rise’ was written not long into isolation as a reminder to himself to stay hopeful in these dark times.

The recently released single does indeed shine beautifully, capturing in its simplicity and raw beauty, the exquisite juxtaposition of light against the darkness – that angle of “hope” where the light touches the shadows.

Says Lewis of the song:

“With no end in sight, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by this wave of adversity we are all facing, not to mention the hard times it’s set to leave in its wake. Myself and Aidan, with whom I’m isolating, were compelled to write a song that spoke of the anxiety we are both feeling about the uncertain future, but also offered a message of hope and reassurance that there will be an end to these dark days.”

Last in Singapore in July 2019, Rhys (along with keyboardist Aidan Glover) performed a set of equally moving songs at his intimate gig at Sled Production x Decline, dressing the house and “easing the sorrows” in the colours of his warm vocals.

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