Rhys Lewis’ textures and tones felt like a shining light of hope and incandescence

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The British artist mended the broken soul and warmed the heart of this AsiaLive365 writer with his songs.

It was perhaps a gig that came at the right time. And a much needed respite from shattered dreams that had inundated my soul this week.
Performing (on 31 July 2019) at Sled Production x Decline, an interesting space in an office block in Aljunied in Singapore, Lewis sang songs that were poignant as they were inspiring, filling the air with colours that sailed away like the osmosis of gases.
Prior to his set, opening act LEW also drew the same instances of glowing tunes. His song ‘Silent Sunset’, coupled with a nice reflection on life, was a tranquil and positive piece that equally touched the soul.
The venue itself reminded me of something that you might find at Aldgate East in London, perhaps not exactly at Shoreditch, but just off it. It was quaint, interesting and it certainly had character! I love it!
It was a really good night in this small but very intimate and cosy place – almost like a studio room or rehearsal space for bands. Fans sat on the floor near the stage, barely a metre away from the artists, while others stood around, basking, swaying and melding into the threads of tunes that surrounded us.
Setting the tone of the night with ‘Hold On To Happiness’, the rest as they say is history, as the perfection and honesty of every tone, colour, texture, chord and lyrical word was like an embrace to the soul.
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Song after song felt like we were getting “hugs” after “hugs”. Or at least I was. And I really needed it. There was a certain charisma and iridescence to Lewis’ performance, his voice anchoring into us – high but mellow, almost sweet-serenading notes undulating beautifully into power vocals. Layering onto this, were moments of guitar filigree and brilliant chords and an accompaniment on keyboard by his friend and fellow songwriter Aidan Glover. There was certainly something magical about the night.
‘Things You Can’t Change’ brought forth hues of ethereal comfort in its layers, textures and vocal spiritness – reminding me that sometimes in life…there are things that I can’t change, no matter how I try. Like the way I feel and see the world, or the things I am passionate about.
 But sometimes, that’s alright…
 Other favourites also included ‘End Like This’, which nearly brought me to tears for its poignant lyrics and my current state of mind, as well as ‘Better Than Today’, which actually did make my friend cry.
The latter was a beautiful and heartfelt song that Lewis dedicated to Azwan, a fan in a wheelchair, who had recently undergone heart surgery, and was unsure if he could actually make it to the gig.
But he did.
And the song was for him, wishing him a speedy recovery and a better tomorrow.
Thanking the audience for singing his songs, the amicable artist even said this:
“To hear people sing songs that I wrote back in London… Here in Singapore…” he smiled.
From the eleven songs sung by Lewis that evening, a couple were brand new ones, that did not happen to be on Spotify. They were also co-written by Glover.
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I particularly loved ‘Some Days’ – an inspiring song which spoke of the ones that are there for us, on the days we need a “hug”.
Indeed, that Wednesday night will always be a gig etched in my memory. Filled with moments that I will never forget. It was something I needed – fixing me and giving me a “hug” where I was broken…
Thank you Rhys Lewis for that. I am a new fan.
As German romantic writer Jean-Paul Friedrich Richter once said, “Music is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life.”
Wednesday night certainly was a moonlit night…





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