Lucy Rose’s gig touched the hearts of many fans.

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Lucy Rose made her way to Kilo Lounge, Singapore and captivated fans with a beautifully raw gig.

There was something beautifully honest and raw about the gig at Kilo Lounge on Friday night (14 June 2019). Perhaps even the most erudite person could not put it into words. Simply put it, I love it when artists and their music exude such prose, such intimacy, such incandescence, and such honesty.
 Friday night was one of those days. The beautiful soul on stage was none other than singer-songwriter Lucy Rose. Even before the show started, Rose‘s amicable nature shone like an opalescent gem. Lucky fans who had queued a few hours before doors opened at the back alley of the venue, met the wonderful artist as she was having her break. Small conversations were had, almost like ones between friends, and hugs were given.
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Despite initial reservations about the club-like venue and if it would fit with the aesthetics of an indie gig such as hers, Kilo Lounge surprised me. It was a nice venue and the back alley entrance made the whole affair rather fun and eclectic. In fact, it reminded me of Shoreditch in London.
Once inside and barely centimetres from the stage, our ears were first blessed by bedroom pop textures of opening act 10vacations who drizzled us with tunes that evoked wisps of dreamy indie pop textures and layers, and whose vocals reminded me of Phum Viphurit. “You found your female Phum…” teased fellow AsiaLive365 writer and gig companion, Ronald Goh, when I told him about it.
The young artist, Nurrisha, also sang her latest song, ‘Capitol Theatre’, which had just been released on Spotify that very day. As Lucy Rose took to the stage, it was not long before her vocals and demeanour warmed our hearts like rays of dawn on the fields of an English countryside. If we were blades of grass on that field, she was the light that touched us.
Performing alongside musician Ben Daniel, whose lush yet delicate filigree on the different Fender Precision basses brushed against the skin of my heart, Rose dressed the atmosphere in her poignant and honest songs – the voice of an angel pulling at the heartstrings.
 The young singer-songwriter who was turning 30 and had a birthday coming up in June, gave her audience many insights on life as she sang, switching between guitars and keyboard for her songs. Said Rose before singing ‘Save Me From Your Kindness’, “When you’re younger, it’s alright not knowing about your future or what’s ahead. But now that I’m older… I like a little idea.” You could see the age in her eyes as she said this. It was a real, raw and honest set coupled with special moments like these that really spoke volumes about the artist and her music. We sat on the floor, inspired by the ethereal flow of the entire gig.Yet it was not just the depth and poignancy that made that night beautifully ineffable. It was the surreal and funny moments that made it glow too.
 “I feel like every time I come to Singapore, you guys make me sing ‘Be Alright,” joked Rose before asking if there would be someone who would be willing to sing with her. A duet. With support from everyone around her, a brave fan, Dian, came forward. And what an endearing duet it was heartfelt, surreal and one of those concert moments that you live for. There might even have been tears…
Singing a total of 14 songs across her four albums, Rose left the audience with a heartfelt thanks of gratitude for coming to her show. “It’s hard to know what’s the future,” she said with a smile. “I’m very grateful to be here. That you guys turned up. That there is someone who wants to listen to my music.” It is you that we should be thanking for giving us such beautiful songs. Thank you. For your music. For the photo. For the hug. For all the beautiful colours. For that night.





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