Tom Misch Live in Bangkok

Tom Misch overcame Bangkok’s stormy night with genial debut show

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Thanks to VIJI Corp (Yep! The one who just brought Nine Inch Nails and are bringing The Killers to Bangkok) and Singha Music. Bangkok night turned luscious under pastel lightings and affability as Tom Misch delivering his debut show at Moonstar Studio 1 on Saturday night (Aug 25).

Tom Misch Live in Bangkok

“I didn’t expect any less but Tom Misch still exceeded my expectations”. That’s my expression towards the night. I was pretty sure that the whole room would feel the same. Tonight, Tom Misch delivered Bangkok all he could do. Nonetheless, the opening act was as good as it got as well.

DJ Monster P started us off with some chill beats that got the audience bobbing our heads as our anticipations get lifted more and more by the minute.

Tom Misch Live in Bangkok

Tom kicked off with some throwbacks such as “The Journey” and “Colours of Freedom” which got the crowd deeply entranced by their wobbly funk. Blue lights and strobe lights shook the room and took all of us on an actual journey into the fascinating sound that is Tom Misch.

Tom Misch Live in Bangkok

“I Wish” puts the crowd in an immersive experience with Tom’s voice being the main focus. Following by “It Runs Through Me”, the piece picked up the pace with its super funky beat.

The next song was a cover of “Man Like You” by Patrick Watson. The act was one of the songs I was most excited about. So when Tobie Tripp played that first note on the violin, I died a little bit. All I can say is that it was HEAVENLY.

Tom Misch Live in Bangkok

Tom then hit us with the hits. His sister, Polly, recited the famous monologue from “Movie” and as she started with “My cheek brushes against his…”, the crowd went wild. The whole room swayed and I was in awe. Before I knew it, the first notes of “South of the River” had started and the swaying audience was now clapping to the nu-disco rhythm. Tom’s melodious cover of “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder was true to the original and oddly refreshing.

Tom Misch Live in Bangkok

Tom picked up the crowd once again with “Disco Yes”, “Water Baby”, and “Crazy Dream” as he thanked us and left the stage.

Coming back on stage with Muay Thai boxing shorts, Tom brought up his dad, Peter, for a special birthday surprise where the whole room sang “Happy Birthday”, it was a truly sweet moment.

Tom Misch Live in Bangkok

“Lost in Paris” and “Follow” passed by in what felt like seconds with the strobe lights disorientating me and I felt as lost as the hard drive Tom sang about in “Lost in Paris”. (Yes, that sweet sweet song is written for a hard drive he lost in Paris. And I can’t even get a text back smh…)

The night ended on a high note with “Watch Me Dance” as the room grooved and danced. The whole experience was low-key euphoric.

Tom Misch Live in Bangkok

It was fair enough to admit that this man is an authentic artist judging from his skills and charisma on that stage. He literally was going to send his audience off to bed with blissfulness for sure.

Tonight, Tom showcased his impressive skills of combining jazz, funk, and hip-hop effortlessly throughout the night.

Tom Misch Live in Bangkok

Just come back soon, Misch!


  1. The Journey
  2. Colours of Freedom
  3. I Wish
  4. It Runs Through Me
  5. Man Like You
  6. Movie
  7. South of the River
  8. Isn’t She Lovely (Stevie Wonder cover)
  9. Disco Yes
  10. Water Baby
  11. Crazy Dream
  12. Lost in Paris
  13. Follow
  14. Watch Me Dance
Special thanks to VIJI CORP.
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