Love conquers all at The Vamps Four Corners Tour concert in Singapore.

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Colours, music and energy enveloped us and we only wished that this love could last All Night.

Against the cast of the distant full moon and amidst the somewhat cloudy night sky, British pop-rock band The Vamps exuded a high level of energy, opalescent charm and boyish enigma as their gig enthralled their young fans into a fervour of admiration and screams.
Performing at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel at Resorts World Sentosa, it was also the second time that the lads, consisting of members Bradley Simpson, James McVey, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans were in Singapore for a gig. Their last performance here was in 2016.
Dressed in black and white tones, the band took to the stage at just 10 past 8pm, their entrance sounding as powerful and dramatic, and seemingly like the music from Steve Jablonsky or Two Steps From Hell.
Screams, mostly girls in their pre-teens to early twenties inundated the open “rooftop” venue, almost like an undulating rush of the river.
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Breaking into what I would “shamelessly” declare (for I am certainly not within the age group of their fans) as my favourite song of the band, the screams only grew louder each time the chorus was sung. And each time the lead singer edged closer to the front.
‘Just My Type’ is a charming almost coming-of-age piece about attraction and bad or addictive love. Coupled with a catchy melody and textures, it is no wonder why many in the youthful crowd loved it.
Continuing their level of energy, much to the joy of their ecstatic fans, the band performed ‘Personal’, another track off their Night & Day album.
Engaging the crowd to sing out loud the chorus one more time, lead singer and guitarist Bradley Simpson was a dynamic fireball of energy on stage.
“Right Singapore, when we bring this back in. Front to back, side to side. We need each and everyone one of you jumping. Here we go. 1, 2, 3,” encouraged Simpson, as the band broke into their third fast number of the evening, ‘Wild Heart’.
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As the energetic band continued to perform throughout the evening, there were moments which was wild, while others which were more serenading.
Some were both.
For instance, ‘For You’, had Simpson swap his guitar for keyboards, alluding to the song having both delicate and energetic textures.
With August 15 also being Evan’s birthday, the crowd even sang a birthday song to the 25-year old drummer, after his impeccable drum solo at the end of ‘We Don’t Care’. The mini celebration was complete with a cake from the other members, and a group hug on stage.
Song ‘Waves’ had Simpson switched his guitar for the drums and Evans switched his drums for the guitar. Talented lads huh!
‘Middle Of The Night’ was another wild moment which had everyone dancing. Myself included.
In fact, most of their songs and energy that night were wild and filled with youthful textures. The kind that you could dance to, which we all did. I even spotted two young girls, flip-flops off, dancing barefoot in the crowd.
“You’ve got an energy here that we absolutely love,” said Simpson, promising to be back very soon.
The charming frontman blew us a kiss at the end of ‘Wake Up”, which must have melted the hearts of many young girls that night.
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Impressionable gig moments aside, perhaps one of the most precious moments of their gig was when the band dedicated one of their songs ‘Risk It All’ to a newly engaged couple, of whom the guy proposed to his girlfriend on stage right before our eyes.
Said Simpson before he brought the couple up, “It’s special tonight for another reason,” he said. “One of the beautiful things is that there’s a lot of love in music”.
The couple had met at a Vamps gig in Singapore three years ago. Three years later, and now a couple, how apt the moment was, to propose at the very place and music that brought them together in the first place.
As the night ended with ‘All Night’, it did look as if many wanted it to last all night as well.
It was definitely a gig that brought forth, fun colours and a sense of vibrant energy. Fun songs, a fun atmosphere and a fun night. But above all, at the base of it, lies a love of music, of life and of the tones and colours that brings us all together, whether as a couple, as friends, or merely as fans and artists.
Thanks to CK Entertainment for the incredible experience.






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