Martin Garrix - On Dutch Waters

Martin Garrix streams special DJ set on a speedboat in the Dutch canals

The superstar DJ took to the waters cruising on a boat in the Dutch canals to play a one-hour live set featuring new, unreleased music on Tuesday, May 5.

The coronavirus lockdown has prompted DJs to play creative and unique sets to lift people’s spirits up and raise donations to fight against the virus. From David Guetta playing on the rooftop of the Icon Brickell building for all of Miami residents to see to Martin Jensen streaming a five-hour set in Denmark’s Telia Parken national stadium, DJs are always finding new ways to entertain us in these trying times.

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On Tuesday, May 5, Martin Garrix went streaming on a speedboat in the Dutch canals to give fans a special DJ set that will prove memorable in the weeks to follow. The live stream, which premiered on the Dutch superstar DJ’s YouTube channel, featured Garrix playing a one-hour set that contained favourite tracks from him as well as a boatload (pun intended) of new unreleased and exclusive tracks from his label STMPD RCRDS.

In order to make this all possible for viewers, Garrix teamed up with Insight TV and production company Bad Birds, the latter of whom were able to shoot the entire spectacle with drones and helicopter shots in high definition.

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The unique performance isn’t the DJ’s first during the COVID-19 situation. Garrix previously played a special set on the rooftop of his home in Amsterdam on April 11. It was then followed up with another set on the top of the A’DAM Tower (also in Amsterdam) on April 27.

In case you missed it, check out Garrix’s epic boat ride here.

For more of his sets, his previous two lockdown sets are also embedded for your listening pleasure here.





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