Meet Fandomland, the Philippines’ first music fan festival

There aren’t a lot of music festivals whose focus is to unite fanbases of different genres. But should you look for one, look no further than Manila’s Fandomland Music Festival.

Launching its inaugural edition this October 22 (3pm) at Centris Walk, Eton Centris in Quezon City, the fiesta will be a one-of-a-kind fan party, featuring favourites from EDM, pop (and K-pop!), rock, as well as YouTube-verse.

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The lineup providing an 8-hour long of fun and *feels* includes actor and heartthrob Julian Estrada, lifestyle blogger Lesha, musicians Joyce Pring & The Chimichangas, the Perkins Twins, Chelsea Ronquillo, Fan of Acoustics, and Mootlit Pavements.

Representing EDM are local DJs Paolo Young, Blanca Young, Overdose and many more.


Fans can also expect various fandom-related activities, games, merchandise booths and surprise giveaways.

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Tickets to the event are priced at PHP325 and the sales will end this week. Better make up your mind and grab them here soon!





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