We interviewed Canadian singer-songwriter Alex Porat to ask her more about her new song, music, working with Iris Kim, and her favourite Studio Ghibli film.

The young music artist recently unveiled her latest single ‘never say ily again’.

The new single, released on August 5, is accompanied by a music video directed by Iris Kim. The song’s bouncy and playful production juxtaposes lyrics that express regrets about a past relationship.

Says Porat,

“It felt like the right thing to pair this sad feeling with a fun upbeat song. I usually use humour to cope with pain and sadness so it felt very real the way the track is the opposite of what I’m trying to say. I’m a dramatic person at times especially when it feels like the end of the world so this song is a great reminder that any negative feelings that I’ve felt in the past are temporary and they do go away. What’s life without a couple ups and downs, you know?”

The fish-eyed pop-ish tube is accompanied by a similar music video, directed by Iris Kim, who also worked with Porat on ‘happy for you’. This is the third music video that the two have worked on together.



In 2018, Porat was able to reach a wider audience after fellow Canadian pop star Shawn Mendes enthusiastically reacted to her cover of his track ‘My Blood’.

To date, the video has gained over 1.6 million views on YouTube and Porat, who has gained more traction with her new songs, is just shy of a million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

AL365: Hi Alex Porat, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Congrats on the new song ‘never say ily again’. We really love the dream pop-like nature of the song juxtaposed against its personal lyrics. As with your previous latest singles ‘happy for you’ and only ‘hanging out cause i’m lonely’, there’s a very alluring relatable pain to your lyrics, which melds nicely against the electro-pop vibes. The cadence and colours are beautiful. If you could pick a song that’s most personal to you, which one would it be and why?

Alex Porat: It would be so hard to pick since all three of those songs were born out of real experiences from my life. I’d say that ‘never say ily again’ filled a hole for me that I couldn’t find in other people’s songs. I think it’s the fact that it’s coming from such a dramatic standpoint which is something I extremely relate to.

AL365: What was it like working with Iris Kim on ‘happy for you’ and ‘never say ily again’ and seeing her bring the songs to life? ‘never say ily again’ looks like a fun video to be in.

Alex: It’s always so fun. We have a great time on set together. Iris really gets me and the music and it’s such a joy being a part of bringing each others’ visions to life. The last video was so much fun to film and the kitchen scene where Iris was directing me over facetime is a memory I’ll never forget.

AL365: You started off releasing covers on YouTube and now you’re releasing your own music. Looking back on all the covers that you’ve done, which one would you say is your favourite and why?

Alex: I would say “A Million Dreams” was my favourite. It was such a pivotal point for me because the song itself is about having big dreams and it made me emotional every time I listened to it. At that time it was exactly what I needed to feel to know that I wanted to go all in with music.

AL365: Speaking of covers, who would you say is your favourite music artist to listen to?

Alex: It’s super hard to narrow down but I’ve been listening to a lot of Lauv, Joji, and Lennon Stella recently.

AL365: We read somewhere that you love being creative, especially when you were young. What did you most enjoy doing besides singing?

Alex: I loved dancing. I remember dancing a lot when I was younger. I have taken so many different classes over the years and even now once in a while I’ll do a drop in class with friends.

AL365: We saw that you love Studio Ghibli films and Korean drama. What’s your favourite one or which one have you watched recently that you would recommend to watch?

Alex: Yes! I loved watching Korean dramas and Studio Ghibli films growing up. There are many Studio Ghibli films that taught me some life lessons at a very young age so I’m super grateful for them. I recently rewatched “Kiki’s Delivery Service” and “My Neighbor Totoro” – two of my favourites. They both taught me valuable life lessons like to always be kind to strangers, cherish your time with your family and those you care about, and to trust the process and always be true to yourself. I think growing up with media like this was so important and played such a huge role in becoming the person I am today.

AL365: Which part of Malaysia were you born in, and do you still go back to visit the country? Any favourite dish?

Alex: I was born in Johor Bahru! I haven’t been back in a while but I’ve gone a few times! I would love to go back soon and have my absolute favourite dish in the world which is roti pratha with curry. I wish it was easier to find here in Canada but I’ll just have to travel and indulge when I visit.

AL365: COVID-19 has unfortunately caused much racism, or even xenophobia in some countries. Being of mixed heritage and living in Canada, what are your thoughts on this?

Alex: People are awful! Just a few weeks ago someone spat on an Asian person at a grocery store here and I’m so appalled and terrified that this stuff happens. It’s so concerning to me that there could be children growing up with these types of values. 

AL365: Beside music, what have you been up to? Are you coping alright in these strange times of “lockdowns” and “quarantines” and a very quiet music/entertainment industry? 😊

Alex: I’ve been trying to get into more of a routine but it happens to also involve watching a lot of movies. I just finished watching “Selling Sunset” on Netflix and I never realized how much I liked the combination of beautiful homes and drama.

AL365: Anything you like to add for your fans and our readers out there?

Alex: I hope you all are staying well and healthy. Can’t wait to start the live shows and see you all in person!

AL365: Thanks again Alex and we look forward to being enthralled (emotionally) by more of your songs!

Alex: Aw that’s so sweet! Thank you!!

Cover photo by: Mariah Hamilton