Mirasol with Stavroz and KMLN at Pippa was an extraordinary event.

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Mirasol presents a fully immersive experience from sunset to sunrise with the talented sets from Stavroz and KMLN.

It is not often that you find an event that is the full package. It seemed that the minds behind Mirasol have strived to make a truly unforgettable experience with the utmost attention to detail. It certainly left a lasting impression as all the senses were explored.
The Pippa restaurant looks out onto a beautiful sunset in front of an ocean backdrop. Most people had started to gather to enjoy sundowners. After the sun had set, we could move in to enjoy the dining experience. The restaurant had an enchanting décor that looks as if you were in a woodland forest. The chef of the night, Steve Ortiz has previously worked in the Bangkok Michelin star restaurant Canvas, and he uses his know-how to create an interesting Asian fusion menu. To start, the roasted corn arancini with yellow chilli mayo was certainly a delectable small bite (360++). Then the unique pairing of charred tiger prawn and compressed watermelon salad with roasted prawn oil and watermelon vinaigrette (420++) was a highlight off the menu. The BBQ Suphan Buri pork loin with roasted carrots, carrot salad and cashews from The Royal Projects (720++) was cooked to perfection. This set us up nicely for the evening ahead.
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© PIPPA Restaurant
The rooftop looked magical with a giant tree installation taking center stage of the space. This wasn’t just any tree. The PIPPA tree really enhanced the mood as the waves of colour rippled the surface giving it a psychedelic look. The rooftop stage hosted the 4-piece eclectic DJ group, Stavroz for an intimate live set. They didn’t muck around, but properly rocked out whilst sampling sounds and playing multiple instruments. At one point they even climbed out to the PIPPA tree as we cheered on. I couldn’t help but ask myself how many DJs have a sax and trumpet player in their midst’s?! The night felt a little unreal with a performance lit up with projections, fire and a light show that had the desired effect on us all.
© PIPPA Restaurant
Downstairs they had Pippa’s secret, which was the darkened club room that KMLN would be playing in. KMLN were the perfect duo to perform after Stavroz with their global deep eclectic house dance movement. The couple met up at Burning Man and had such a mutual love for their similar music styles, that they decided to meld those together to form KMLN. It was so easy to flow with the beat. We weren’t sure if it was premeditated but at some hour Stavroz joined KMLN behind the DJ booth and the crowd went wild to see this unexpected collaboration. The set lasted and the rave did not end. We were shadows dancing all night till the light shone in through the windows revealing the sunrise.
© PIPPA Restaurant
The Mytt beach hotel was the perfect spot to relax in after a long night of raving. The sleek 5-star hotel has a stunning pool with panoramic views. The rooms and suites were very comfortable and spacious. If you had purchased the full package, you may have had the Deluxe Urban room to lounge in. We certainly basked in one, and the suites were even more luxurious.
Get yourself down to the next event! PIPPA will present HUGO on Saturday 30th of November, and on New Year’s they’ll have the magical Midnight Forest Countdown 2020 event.
Special thanks to QC COMMUNICATIONS for making this experience happen.






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