Ready to kick off the weekend with some fresh tunes? It’s New Music Fridays Week 21, and Asia Live 365 has the perfect playlist to set the tone! We’re your ultimate destination for the newest Asian and International music, bringing you an eclectic mix every week. Our curated selection crosses all genre boundaries, featuring the hottest new releases, up-and-coming artists, and classic tracks that continue to influence the Asian music landscape.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a musical wonderland – we’re bringing you everything from toe-tapping rhythms and singalong hits to undiscovered gems that you’ll have on repeat. Let Asia Live 365 lead you on an exciting sonic journey! Elevate your weekend with our expertly curated playlist – dive in and uncover your new favorite tunes.

Southeast Asia Highlights

We have new tracks this week from XG, NCT 127, NewJeans and more! This week’s picks will surely have you dropping and energized. Here are some tracks:

  • Hurt Me Too by James Reid
  • DANCING ON A GRAVEYARD by Violette Wautier
  • No Cares Era by Valentina Ploy
  • Cheese by SUHO and WENDY
  • Letting Go by Curtismith and Six The Northstar
  • Ashes by Zior Park and Ai Tomioka
  • for me by JINJIN and MRCH
  • henny by Jackson Wang
  • GUNFIGHT by zekke
  • Overdrive by Quadlips

Other standouts include out of nowhere by pami, how to turn back time by Lester Lam, Rain In Manhattan by shazza and Umar Sirhan, Confetti by Joya, Museum of My Mess by mindfreakkk, Simple and Clean by Hikaru Utada, and LIE TO MY FACE by Reybones and Colt. Check out the rest of this week’s playlist below!

International Hits

This week, UK rock band Bring Me The Horizon releases 3 singles from their new album Post Human: Nex Gen, a new single by Imagine Dragons called Nice to Meet You, another from Charlie Puth called Hero and Nelly Furtado is back with Love Bites! Other highlights include:

  • I Wanna Thank Me by Meghan Trainor and Niecy Nash
  • The Craving and Navigating by Twenty One Pilots
  • Somewhere In Between by Bazzi
  • Touching The Sky by Rauw Alejandro
  • feelings don’t lie by Ofenbach and salem ilese
  • Push by Skrillex, Hamdi, TAICHU, Contra and OFFAIAH
  • You (Show Me Where My Days Went) by Wallows
  • Paralyzed by Lenny Kravitz
  • Raining On Your Pillow by DIIV
  • Good Luck Trying by Mr. Big
  • RATATATA by BABYMETAL and Electric Callboy
  • TALKIN’ 2 UR GHOST by Bilmuri
  • Gravity by Frank Walker and Tyler Shaw
  • Summer Dreaming by Bingo Players and Pure Shores
  • Feel Like That by Sublime, Stick Figure and Bradley Nowell

You can also check the previous week’s highlights here!

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