We were entranced by DJ Paul Van Dyk Mission: Guiding Light.

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The iconic DJ Paul Van Dyk played Bangkok’s The Club at Koi.

The legendary German DJ/producer Paul Van Dyk is a well-known name, especially as one of the founders of trance music. Many in attendance have followed him and his music that has spanned over 30 years so far. So, we were ready to transcend into the world of trance. 
The Club at Koi is located on the 39th floor of the unassuming Sathorn Square building. Upon entering, it was a full house of people. Support from the Trance Lovers Thailand crew, Jonnie B and Lee Van Willem did a great job of getting the crowd hyped up and ready. Our first impressions were drawn visually by the light show on the ceiling. The mix of red and blue created a strange disorientating effect on the crowd that was as spacey as looking through a pair of anaglyph 3D glasses.
Paul Van Dyk
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Everyone knew when Paul Van Dyk was in the club! He began with his most famous hit from his repertoire ‘For an Angel’, the streamers popped out from overhead and what a start! Van Dyk is such a youthful pro as he electrified the crowd with his non-stop energy.
We felt uplifted with his latest 2019 release ‘Parallel Dimensions’ featuring Elated. At this moment the crowd was met with euphoria. The backdrop behind Van Dyk looked very sci-fi while his latest track ‘Galaxy’ that he collaborated with Vini Vici played on. It was easy to get lost in these space oddities. Midway through the set there was a pleasant surprise when the Robert Miles ‘Children’ came on. The dreamy ‘Music rescues me’ track had the beautiful female vocal from Plumb.
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The end was nigh and we felt exhilarated as he played ‘Home’. This track was a collaboration with Johnny McDaid formerly from VEGA4. The vocals brought us together at the closing moment as everyone sang the chorus and held out outstretched hands. “My home is where you are, And every beat and every feet. We’re closer”.
Thanks to SixSix Asia for bringing us closer. We can look forward to the Guiding Light album that will be released later this year.
Paul Van Dyk
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