Paul Van Dyk tour Mission: Guiding Light at The Club at Koi.

Iconic Paul Van Dyk returns to Bangkok for his Guiding Light Tour at The Club at Koi.

The legendary DJ Paul Van Dyk will be playing in the intimate setting of The Club at Koi on January 11th. Supporting acts will be the Trance Lovers Thailand crew Jonnie B & Lee Van Willem.
Van Dyk is one of the most iconic DJ’s and producer’s in music history. He was the first artist to receive a Grammy Award nomination for Best Dance/Electronic album for his 2003 release ‘Reflections’. Mixmag named him number one in 2005, the first time a DJ had ever been placed number one on their lists. By 2008, he had sold over 3 million albums worldwide.
Most people will remember his hits from the mid-90’s, a time when trance music started to enter the club scene and Van Dyk himself was at the forefront. Trance music is a genre of electronic music with a hypnotic melody and the writer Bom Coen traces the roots of trance to Paul Van Dyk’s 1993 remix of Humate’s ‘Love Stimulation’. The chart-topper ‘For An Angel’ was on heavy rotation at the clubs and is probably his most well-known hit to date.
In late 2019, Van Dyk and Elated released ‘Parallel Dimension’, which is a precursor to the hotly anticipated 2020 LP.
You can still purchase a ticket for 1000 THB from Ticketmelon. Don’t miss it.
The event is supported by SixSix Asia.





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