Singapore-based pop-rock artist RENE has finally released her long-awaited debut EP, ‘Something To Hide’. The five-track collection was written and produced over the last 1.5 years.

Including her singles ‘U.F.O.’, ‘You Haunt Me’, and ‘Off My Mind’, Something To Hide features RENE’s signature rock guitars, layered vocal harmonies, ultra-personal lyrics, and catchy hooks.

Something To Hide is her first body of work, setting RENE on a path towards finding her niche as a musician and songwriter – blending genres of pop, rock, punk, and indie into a sound that best represents the artist she is. The EP revolves around themes of self-reflection, personal relationships, and RENE’s examination of her human existence and society – exploring just how despondent and hopeful she feels with all that’s going on in the world. 

‘Leaving Anyway’ is the focus track off Something To Hide, and perhaps her most personal release to date. Written in 2020 and borrowing sounds from feel-good rock of the 2000s music she grew up with, the track is a manifestation of RENE’s existential reflection as she figures her away around the pandemic and, somewhat unintentionally, her identity – like many others all over the world. ‘Leaving Anyway’ questions whether RENE is satisfied with what she has achieved in her life and the trajectory that she seems to be on.

RENE has been releasing music since 2018. She was a participating artist in The Great Singapore Replay: Season 2, guided by Charlie Lim. She has performed at events such as *SCAPE Music Day Out!, Zendyll’s At Home Sessions, The Esplanade’s All Things New, and FOREWORD. She has been featured on 98.7fm’s Fresh Music Live, Mediacorp’s In Your Living Room with PCK and Jojo, and Channel News Asia’s First Look Asia segment alongside music veteran Tim de Cotta.

Meaningful and relatable lyrics, rich vocals, and catchy guitar lines are what create RENE’s signature sound. Her music is greatly influenced by artists she listened to growing up and currently listens to, such as Avril Lavigne, McFly, and Paramore. Her song-writing reflects themes such as social commentary, the vicissitudes of coming of age, and personal relationships. Respect, growth, and integrity are the most important values to her.