Indonesian artist Rinni Wulandari represents everything that is independent.

Since breaking away from a music label setting and discarding pop, to embracing her love for R&B and all things collaborative, the ‘Independent Girl’ is back after a two-year hiatus and has released her highly anticipated part-English, part-Bahasa Indonesian album, Skins.

Skins is a deeply intimate and honest album that stems from Rinni Wulandari’s life experiences of her journey as a musician that began 14 years ago. The opening track off this album, ‘Born Ready’, is the artist’s invitation for listeners to embrace life. ‘Keep On Movin’ and ‘Feel Good’ were also released in 2020, shining a completely different light on Rinni Wulandari, presenting a far more mature sound of the artist herself, ready to break boundaries and be free to do what she wanted. 2021 alone has seen the R&B singer release back-to-back collaborations including ‘Snake On Apple Trees’ with Yarra Rai which deals with a fake friend and moving on from that relationship,  ‘Jealousy’ with Kara Cheonoa which the artist hopes to convey the message of living life to its fullest, as well as a reunion number with rapper and radio host Willy Winarko, ‘Underrated’ which sums up Rinni Wulandari’s music career of constantly being treated like an underdog and finally rising above this through creative means to serve her music to the world.

The singer explains,

“These singles make up the many layers of life experiences that have shaped me into the person I am today. I hope that the stories I share will help uplift and inspire anyone out there who needs encouragement. We were born ready to do whatever we want.”

Cover photo: Ikmal Awfar – Rinni Wulandari