Satoshi Fumi balances organic and electronic fusion via new EP, ‘Nu Era’

Tokyo-native Satoshi Fumi brings his signature deep tech house sound to John Digweed’s Bedrock Records with his new EP, Nu Era.

From acid and piano riffs to drum machines and live percussion, Satoshi Fumi has created an excellent dance record that balances between a night out at the club and staying at home.

The producer’s new EP, Nu Era, is out now across all streaming platforms via renowned DJ John Digweed’s Bedrock Records.

The EP opens up with the euphoric title track with its catchy piano riff frenetically playing  over a drum machine loop. Next is ‘Mbira’, which utilizes traditional drum samples to crraft a bouncy syncopated rhythm.

The 90s-inspired ‘Take Me’ showcases the beatmaster’s use of piano, and comes in both original and instrumental mixes.

Nu Era follows Fumi’s contribution to John Digweed’s compilation album, Quattro II, in March. The massive three-disc record features his ambient mix of ‘Rising’ and the ‘firmament’ mix of ‘Manis’.

Having made his debut in 2005, Satoshi Fumi continues to draw inspiration from electronic music in the 80’s and the American house and techno scenes in the 90’s to refine his deep tech house sound.

He runs the record label Sequent:Recordings and hosts a monthly radio station ‘Outerspace’ on Proton Radio.





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