Adele’s highly-anticipated 2016 UK and European tour kicked off on leap day in Belfast and will run until June 15, with seventeen more cities to go. For those who weren’t fortunate enough to have gotten a ticket, here are eight things you missed so far on her live tour.

1. Personal touches from Adele herself.

Forget flashy sets and costumes, Adele’s tour raised the bar of interactive features with personal touches from the British songstress herself. Prior to each concert, Adele secretly signs five of her tour books, surprising a lucky few with heartwarming relics of the night.

In addition, the 27-year-old singer-songwriter incorporated handwritten confettis during the finale song.

2. The Mug.

The “Hello” singer never goes on stage without her mug. The mug, filled with hot water and honey, accompanies the singer during all of her performances, and even has its own stand.

Adele tour 1

3. Never-before-seen photos.

Even as one of the world’s most renowned celebrities, Adele has been extremely protective of her privacy. Specially for her tour, however, she indulges fans with personal pictures during “When We Were Young”, bringing fans to tears with her pregnancy picture toward the end of the song.

4. A rollercoaster ride of heartaches and laughters.

Adele’s phenomenal voice isn’t the only thing that brings her audience to tears. The star’s humorous on-stage banter between songs are also known to leave fans crying with laughter.

During her concert in Belfast, the singer amused the crowd by admitting to suffering from “bad bowel movements” recently, “I’ve been f*cking sh*tting myself all day. I’ve had to have an Imodium.”

5. Adele as real-life cupid.

Familiar with the Irish leap year tradition, where women abandons gender roles and proposes to their boyfriends on leap day, the Brit goddess helped a lucky fan pop the question to her boyfriend during her Belfast gig.


During “Set Fire To The Rain”, the singer literally set fire to the rain with an indoor downpour, taking the theatrical to a whole other level.

7. Tear-jerking fan moments.

Even with millions of fans, Adele still keeps track of her followers as she’s seen replying to a fan on Twitter after he grieved over not being able to get his hand on a ticket to the Dublin show.

Adele tour 2

It doesn’t stop there. Our queen also welcomed to the stage fans/Irish duo Ronan and Glenn, who were famous for their mash-up video of her songs, and got them to perform.

8. It was all up close and personal.

Although the scale of her shows has surely amplified, the star still strives to maintain an intimate atmosphere with her fans by walking through the crowd to greet everyone.

Adele 3

Stay tuned for more surprises as Adele’s UK and European tour continues. Click here to see upcoming show dates (though the tickets are all sold out).