Following the release of her debut single, ‘All The Way Over,’ on Red Bull Records, rising artist Sad Alex returns with ‘hypotheticals.’ The catchy pop-ish sound is out now on Spotify.

A multi-faceted singer, songwriter, producer, artist, illustrator, and dancer, Sad Alex brings a signature sense of humor, humility, and honesty to each release, crafting songs about love, sex, and every emotion in between.

One of the newest additions to the Red Bull Records roster, Sad Alex’s premier track on the label received nearly one million views and New Music Friday placements on Spotify in more than sixteen countries.

The release of ‘hypotheticals’ comes after Sad Alex’s recent performance as part of the Red Bull Records Virtual Festival on Friday, May 1, where she debuted the track with a special live-streamed showcase. Sad Alex also joined UK alt-pop trio Flawes during the festival, teaming up with them to perform their collaborative single, ‘Would You Mind If’ for the very first time.

An upbeat, pop-infused single, ‘hypotheticals’ juxtaposes bright productions with lyrics that question when and where a past relationship went wrong. Pondering all the hypotheticals that could have changed their fate, the melodic track showcases Sad Alex looking back at a former love, wondering whether things would have been different if she had changed herself.

Says Sad Alex regarding her inspiration behind the track:

“It’s pretty normal to go down the rabbit hole of ‘what could I do differently to make them love me,’ right? Whether it’s trying to win someone over or change yourself after a relationship didn’t work out, we’ve all seen the 2009 film classic, He’s Just Not That Into You. For me, ‘hypotheticals’ covers the latter,” 

“Ironically, I ended the relationship, but as you feel the person slipping away, you realize that even though you didn’t want them, you still want them to want you. Then you go down the black hole of stalking the girl’s Instagram that he just tagged in his latest post to 2012 when she studied abroad in Australia, and she has longer hair than you, but you are definitely funnier, and was he really a tit man all this time? This all sends you spiraling into a world of self-loathing and how you should have done something differently to hold onto the love you had. In the wise words of Joni Mitchell, ‘you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone.”

Listen to the new hit here and watch out for more new music from this new artist on Spotify!