Sad Alex has teamed up with gnash for her latest track ‘i’m glad that you found someone’, out now via Red Bull Records.

The first collaboration between the two multi-hyphenate artists, the release throws out the notion of an amicable breakup and doubles down on its pettiness. Driven by a flurry of euphoric synths and electro pop-led productions, ‘i’m glad that you found someone’ channels hurt feelings to the fullest extent.

Said Sad Alex of the release,

“The fifth stage of a breakup is anger. I’ve been stuck in that stage for a year and a half and have no intention of leaving it anytime soon. So, this is fuck you to my ex, and the person he found after me.

We hold onto many things that happen longer than we should. I immediately connected with ‘i’m glad that you found someone’ because I had all of these feelings a couple years ago over some personal stuff,” said gnash. “Even though this doesn’t align with my life right now, the feeling was very real to me at one point, and I let this song be a cathartic release for those emotions I had been accidentally bottling up for no reason. I’m so grateful that Alex asked me to be on this feature because I realize now it’s unhealthy to hold onto resentment like that, and hopefully it lets other people out there somewhere do the same.”