With the soul of Emily King and Pharrell, the vibe of Daft Punk, and the style of FutureSex / LoveSounds-era Justin Timberlake, California-based pop duo JUICYPEAR is here to crash your next roller-skating party with their latest remix EP.

As we give a not-so-fond farewell to 2020, why not reflect on some of the things that made this year…shall we say…less sour? Undoubtedly, one of those things is the sweet goodness of indie-pop duo JUICYPEAR.

Comprising members Jacob and Jasmine Mayeda, JUICYPEAR has been dishing out delectable ditties since the August release of their highly acclaimed debut single, “Golden Sky.” 

Now, the band is closing out the year by dropping a remix EP, featuring an alternate version of “Golden Sky,” as well as their other singles, “Caught Up” and “Rollercoaster.”

On the EP, Nashville-based artist/producer RUSLAN (The Chainsmokers, Maggie Rogers, Lennon Stella), adds an upbeat trap/trip-hop blend to “Golden Sky,” while Nashville based producer, artist, and remixer, Julie Lov takes us on a ride with her new wave remix of “Rollercoaster.” Musician, DJ, and producer, Sj, rounds out the EP by putting his electronic spin on JUICYPEAR’s explosive, dancefloor-ready EDM track, “Caught Up.” Sj is best known for his work on Tritonal’s “Hung Up,” which has amassed over 40 million streams on Spotify alone.

Says Jacob Mayeda,

“To us, hearing our songs reflected on themselves, created in this new experience, was like listening to them through a kaleidoscope, if you can imagine that. We were so stoked from the first listen of these reimagined songs as soon as we’d get them back from the remixers.”

JUICYPEAR is part of AESTHETYK, founded by music industry veteran, Matt Ingle. Ingle created AESTHETYK as a way to offer emerging songwriters and musicians an opportunity for incubation, helping them cultivate a signature and meaningful sound, as well as brand and ethic for a mass audience.

“It’s really an honor to get to work with Sj, RUSLAN and Julie so early in the life of JUICYPEAR and AESTHETYK. Seth [Sj] have known each other since our days living in Nashville over a decade ago. And Ruslan and Juli have become key collaborators and truly part of the AESTHETYK family in a variety of capacities this past year. They each delivered a sonic element in their remixes that was uniquely theirs and still perfectly fitting to JUICYPEAR’s vibe.”

With a little bit of disco, a little bit of funk and a whole lotta soul, JUICYPEAR burst onto the scene with their debut earlier this year. The duo’s ability to blend genres and inject their own special funk topped off with Jasmine Mayeda’s striking voice makes them one to watch.

On their music, Jasmine shares, 

“I believe every music lover has had a day where the right song perks them up, comforts them, or transports them into another world. Music has a way of getting to peoples’ hearts without their permission. It comes in under the closed doors and the cracks in the floorboards to move us, sometimes to tears. We write all of our songs with that thought in mind.”

In an unprecedented year filled with so much uncertainty and fear, JUICYPEAR has arrived with style, groove and a truckload of endorphins. Stick around for more tasty music, because this power-packed duo is just getting started.