Following up from their summer earworm ‘Hoodie’, Lunadira and Reddi Rocket have released their joint EP Tangerine. Sweet and sticky, just like the fruit, the aftertaste of the EP Tangerine will linger even as the last note fades.

This EP reinforces something that has been true throughout Lunadira’s musical journey: her biggest strength is her storytelling. The same can be said for Reddi Rocket, where it seems that his role as a producer and featured vocalist aid in painting the perfect imagery of their shared intimate narrative.

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To celebrate the release of ‘Tangerine’,  the duo dropped a music video for the track “am i gonna die?”.

Tangerine’ is all about fleeting moments in time that leave long-lasting impressions. 

Lunadira shares, 

“This Tangerine-tinted world Reddi Rocket and I created for ourselves during the pandemic was the product of personal longing and hope. We’re hoping it takes you on a journey of emotional release from the moment you lock eyes on that stranger, to the aching pain you feel when it’s time to let them go. There are several layers to peel off this EP, and most of it is bittersweet.”

On their collaborative effort, Reddi Rocket shares, 

“Working on Tangerine with Lunadira gave me a new set of eyes for songwriting. Everything about this EP was done within the confines of our makeshift, home studio and I’ve managed to cut and tape pieces of me on to this project with a broken sound card and a pair of earphones. It was a pretty raw and fun experience to create the sonical and visual aspect of Tangerine.”

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With plenty of musicality and heart, the enigmatic 26-year-old, Lunadira, is no stranger to the highs and lows of romance, serenading listeners with her delicate and unique perspective. Breaking away from the YouTube bubble of covers, the emerging star has gone from strength to strength with each consecutive single, accumulating 1.3 million plays on Spotify from almost 80 countries in the past year, performed at some of Malaysia’s leading festivals such as Good Vibes and Urbanscapes, as well as becoming the fresh new face of time-tested brands including Dr. Martens, Fred Perry and Levi’s. Lunadira has proven to be one to watch. 

A multi-talented virtuoso who has remained mostly behind-the-scenes, Reddi Rocket is finally ready to carve a name for himself as Malaysia’s freshest emerging vocalist. With a wealth of studio and DJ-ing experience that includes opening for English duo Bondax and Soulection’s Andre Power and StarRo, the highly sought-after producer has reinvented himself to face the ever-changing landscape of the music industry.