Following the release of their second album Wake Up in December, British four-piece The Vamps have been jumping, strumming, drumming and sweating pretty much every other night. During their brief visit to Asia last month, AsiaLive365 joined Bradley Simpson, James McVey, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans for a fun, pleasantly rowdy chat before they hit the stage to perform for thousands at Singapore’s Sentosa Hard Rock Coliseum.

Who came up with the name for the band? 

James: It was Tristan, wasn’t it?

Tristan: Yeah. I love Twilight and Breaking Dawn. Those are never to be seen again. Into The Deep, Storm—all those classic light movies that have vampires in them. I was like, “Look boys, you can have me in the band but only if it’s called ‘The Vamps.’”

James: No, actually, Brad and I came up with it when we were writing together. It just felt right.

You started out doing covers of popular music on YouTube – from Taylor Swift to The Killers – are they the kind of music that inspires or influences you personally?

Bradley: Yes, early on Taylor Swift and The Killers were a big influence for us. We’re also really inspired by popular culture. A lot of stuff from the 80’s has come back in today’s pop culture; you see these film remakes and you see bands coming out with 80’s-themed second albums. That’s the way the industry has been like recently. Personally we’re inspired by that era, too, and our take on current trends has resulted in Wake Up. It definitely feels 80’s in parts.


The first time you opened for anyone was for McFly in 2013. That must feel like ages ago! Tell us about some of the significant changes supporting act, pre-Can We Dance The Vamps have gone through over the years.

James: A lot has changed, certainly. But the it all comes down to us as musicians and our instruments. That’s the most important thing. We’ve been practicing a lot. We’ve also got full, proper albums out now that we didn’t have out then. What else? … Tristan bought a house! 

Tristan: Like, I bought a house, okay? Get off my back!


Now that we’ve mentioned McFly, they’re one of the longest-running British pop bands around, do see yourself following their footsteps? 

Bradley: Yes, definitely! Hopefully in 10 years we’ll still be doing this, making music, still being in the band, gigging and touring and seeing the fans!


Pick one: a huge sold-out arena show with full-on special effects or an acoustic mini live on the beach for a smaller crowd of fans.

Connor: On the beach!

James: The first one for me.

Tristan: I agree!

James: What do you reckon about the first one?

Tristan: It’s not that I agree with the first one. It’s just the most necessary option.

Bradley: I’m going with the acoustic show. I love doing an acoustic show. It’s nice and intimate.

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Tell us something that you think the fans didn’t know about you yet.

Tristan: We’ve all broke our noses this past year except for Connor.

Connor: No, I did, too!

Tristan: Then let’s go with this: Connor’s actually originally blonde. James got his ear pierced–

James: I’ve got both ears pierced, actually.

Tristan: [stares at Bradley] Brad is… Brad. Sorry that was the worst answer in the world but it’s true!


Now let’s do something fun but it can tell us a lot about you. If you could sort yourselves into Hogwarts Houses, which house would you belong to?

Tristan: I’m in Slytherin.

Bradley: Connor’s in Slytherin as well.

Tristan: We’re slippery snakes.



Tristan: James’s a Hufflepuff.

(Oh, if only you could see how Tristan and Bradley burst out laughing)



James: Are you serious? That’s an absolutely rubbish one! Is it because I got a C in Geography? Is that an ultimate feature of the house? Hufflepuff! That’s rubbish, Tristan!

Tristan: The house doesn’t even make it in the films!

(Ahem, Cedric Diggory?)

Connor: Brad’s a Ravenclaw.

Bradley: Awesome!

Tristan: [imitates the Sorting Hat] Ravenclaw!!!!


Pick one song from Wake Up that you would personally sing to a significant other on Valentine’s Day.

Tristan: “Volcano”.

James: Yeah, “Volcano”.

Connor: “Be With You”.

James: Oh, that’s a really good one.

Bradley: Probably “Coming Home”.


Thank you so much lads, and before we go, is there anything you’d like to say to the fans in Thailand and other countries in Asia that haven’t got the chance to see you yet?

James: Hopefully we’ll be able to see you all soon. We want to get to Thailand. We’ve never been there as The Vamps. We hope we can go and sit on the beach with you!

Bradley: Thank you for your support. Lots of love! Muah, muah, muah!

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