After a 5 year hiatus, Singaporean singer-songwriter JAWN has returned with a brand new solo single ‘Feel Too Much’.

This new single comes after a recent collaborative release of ‘Simple’ with fellow artist lewloh.

We’re given the notion that ‘Simple’ is more than just a simple song. Like wisps of wind that passes through countryside fields on its journey, this folk-like indie tune feels like a breath of fresh air and reminds us ever so gently, of the tranquil sounds at music festivals. Guitar chords and keys intertwine in the second verse and we are reminded of the shining faces and the glow from the flashlight off mobile phones, as we bask in the peaceful memory of these festivals that we all dearly miss. Amidst the cacophony of the world, this song brings some form of solace to the heart.

‘Feel Too Much’ is a revelry celebrating the setbacks of a boisterous mind, and as per the track title — feeling too much. This brand new track, released under Singapore based music label, Where are The Fruits, is a feel-good foot-stomper made for the road trip we couldn’t afford to take in a post-pandemic world. 

JAWN shares,

“I was really tired of having to enter that sort of melancholic emotional space as with all my other songs, having to constantly excavate in order to perform. I wanted to write something that made both me and the people around me feel good! — Call it good aftercare after all the sad stuff, taking responsibility for the feelings and turning it around to something celebratory. I had just started a relationship at that time, and that sort of joy also translated in ‘Feel Too Much’. The song right now has turned into a personal anthem of new chapters and new beginnings. It also has that sort of nervous electric energy you get when you’re entering or starting a whole new journey.”

Indeed, unlike the solitude of ‘Simple’, the energetic folk and country-like colours in ´Feel Too Much’ does feel quite celebratory and even exudes some OneRepublic and Mumford & Sons vibes. Do you remember the colours you felt when you heard OneRepublic’s ‘Counting Stars’ for the first time? Well, that’s how it feels. Vocally spirited and sounding like the feel-good moments of a music festival as dusk hits, the change in colours in the “sky of the music” feels like the comforting follow-up to ‘Simple’. We’re loving it so much!

JAWN will be releasing an accompanying lyric video for ‘Feel Too Much’ in November 2020. He teases that there might also be one more single coming out before the end of 2020, before beginning a new chapter segueing into new textures of music.

JAWN is a soulful and multi-talented singer-songwriter from Singapore, fascinating audiences with his signature voice and heartfelt performances. With a staple palette of melancholic and thoughtful lyrics and folk masculinity, the young singer-songwriter is one of Singapore’s burgeoning talents. Since his debut in 2015, he has played some of the biggest blues and folk festivals in the region including Byron Bay Bluesfest, Melbourne Music Week and Queenscliff Music Festival.

Cover photo: Lenne Chai