Sander van Doorn started his recording career in 2004 by releasing various tech-trance hits on Oxygen Recording. He became a DJ resident at Ibiza’s Judgement Sunday and the Gallery in London.

ASIALIVE365 is here with Sander Van Doorn to discuss what to expect as a young producer, and the rise in electronic music in Asia!

ASIALIVE365: Lets talk about your new song “Bergen” – Who came up with the name? What was the story behind it ?

SVD: I was working on a new track and got inspired by a place called Bergen.

ASIALIVE365: How are you be able to produce new tracks and radio shows when you are constantly on the move?

SVD:  Often times, it is a bit of a challenge, where I am always looking to produce new songs and I have been doing for over 400 radio shows and I am looking forward to my 500th. But you get used to it and find a way to balance it over time.

ASIALIVE365: With the booming of electronic music in Asia. How would that affect a DJ touring calendar?

SVD: Yes, the Asia market is really opening up. Usually at end of the year, we will sit down and study Asia , Europe, South America and America market and which project we would love to work on and try and find a good selections from the those continents.

ASIALIVE365: How does it affect your set when you are in Europe or Asia?

SVD: Well they are all different, I would play slightly more underground for Europe, Asia will be more towards heavy trance. In the USA, sometimes a mixture of underground and trance.

ASIALIVE365: Yesterday we talked to Sunnery and Ryan Marciano who would they like to play b2b with. They’ve chosen Martin Garrix, Hardwell and Thomas Newson. If you were given the choice who would you like to play b2b with?

I will choose an EDM based for the set, so Hardwell is a good choice, Dannic a good friend of mine and Armin Van Burren

ASIALIVE365: Any advice for new DJs & producers on how to handle stress?

One of the things that a young artist needs to understand is that it’s not just about being on stage and performing in a big show. It is a lot of pressure as you have a lot to cover. Everybody around you have expectations. It’s a lot of hard work and dedication so you really need to find yourself as an artists. It’s about knowing when to take a break and spend time with your loved ones. You want to be making sure things don’t get out of hand. That’s the biggest advice I can give. It’s not about the fame; it’s about the things you love working on.

ASIALIVE365: How important is it to be a producer nowadays for young DJs in order to be noticed.

Find out if you want be a musician or a performer. If it is both then you really need to find a good balance.
Sander van Doorn – “Neon”

Sander van Doorn, Martin Garrix, DVBBS ft Aleesia – “Gold Skies”