An interview with legendary crooner Engelbert Humperdinck.

Engelbert Humperdinck shares with us his latest song ‘You’, singing with this grand-daughter, and what he thought of new popular artists like Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars.

For more than five decades, the renowned romantic crooner has shared a love affair with fans of every age, on every continent. Known for classics such as ‘The Last Waltz’, ‘Quando Quando Quando’, and ‘There Goes My Everything’, Engelbert’s music has withstood the test of time, and remains as the exemplary global entertainer with one of the world’s most instantly recognized voices.
Ahead of his concert in Singapore next month, we at AsiaLive365 spoke with the Master of Ballads on his music, why he still loves touring so much and what to expect at his show on November 5th 2019.

ASL365: Hi Mr Humperdinck, Vanessa here from AsiaLive365. Welcome back to Singapore and congratulations on the upcoming new EP – ‘Reflections’. We at AsiaLive365 love the song ‘You’ – it is definitely a piece that one could meld into. The colours are gorgeous. Tell us – what was it like recording the music video for this piece, and can we expect to see you appear in more videos in the future?

Engelbert Humperdinck: Thank you. I am always happy to come to Singapore. I really enjoy performing to audiences who appreciate the art of a good song…from the words, music, orchestration and delivery.  I have been so fortunate to have amazing songwriters and arrangers over the past 52 years and I never forget what it takes to create a longstanding career.
I’m glad you feel the same as I do about “YOU.”  I had a wonderful and magical time shooting that video at the Houdini Estate.  It was beautiful and mystical with many intriguing nooks and crannies that inspired stories in my head. I’ve always wanted to be an actor, but never had the luxury of time to take off to explore that creative side of me.  The big clock behind me, in one scene, made me think about the acting, so I was inspired to act out the song,
I’m definitely up for the next video. They are little “Moments In Time” that are captured forever. 

ASL365: In ‘The Man I Want To Be’ album, you recorded the song ‘I’m Glad I Danced With You (with Olivia)’, with your granddaughter Olivia. It is such a beautiful, endearing and heartwarming duet, and Olivia has such a beautiful strong voice. Can we hope to hear more of such gorgeous duets in the near future?

Engelbert Humperdinck: Olivia had just turned 9 when she did that song. She was shy, like me, and only sang at home. She had to be promised her first puppy to sing for others. She knocked it out of the park in the studio and on stage. If you check the credits, you’ll see why the song was so spot on.  I won’t give more away but I never get tired of singing that real story of the first time I met my wife and the life that followed.

ASL365: You’ve done renditions/covers of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Photograph’ and Bruno Mars’ ‘Just The Way You Are’. What was the reason for picking these artists’ songs and what are your thoughts on the musicality of these young artists?

Engelbert Humperdinck: The stories behind these two artists are so amazing, and it shows up in their music and artistry.  Ed is such a solid writer who brings our realities to song. I had already covered his “Thinking Out Loud”…first sung to me by my other granddaughter, Kiki. So many of the lines in the song hit home.
Bruno’s writing and delivery of a song are so infectious. I just knew he was going to be mega. I told him so when he was 5 years old. “Just The Way You Are” is a great song that I can’t wait to get to the chorus, because its got such an epic feeling when you sing it…feels like every heart opens when they sing along. We slowed it down so they lyrics can be soaked up and to give it an Engelbert branding.  My producer suggested both songs and I instantly added them to the CD material.

ASL365: We hear that you love being on tour. What has been the most memorable tour experience to date, and what do you always look forward to, to being on tour?

Engelbert Humperdinck: There’s still nothing like it. Music is my life’s blood and playing live feeds my soul, which probably explains why I’m still going strong.
There are plenty of tour experiences, but a couple come to mind from the early days and recently….
I was in Monaco, and returning from a yacht . My road manager and I headed into our hotel and noticed a large crowd at the entrance. I walked up behind and asked a guy what all the fuss was about. Without looking at me, he said “Engelbert Humperdinck is staying in the hotel” and then got on his toes to see what more he could see. It was so funny and awesome at the same time.
Flash forward fifty years, give or take a few, and I exited a hotel where the whole staff had gathered outside and surprised us all with a white flower petal shower.  It was unbelievable….like a movie. Music has taken me places I never dreamed I would go and I have been able to experience so many wonderful traditions. I am very grateful. I love traveling…seeing old familiar places and faces and going to new lands and meeting new friends.

ASL365: What can we expect to feel at your shows here in Asia? For instance, should we bring tissues? Or do you still throw your red handkerchiefs out? 😉

Engelbert Humperdinck: Bring tissues, as it is a sentimental show at heart, and you may need one also if you dance to “Quando..”.
I do still throw the red hankies. You better wear steel toe boots if you sit in the front row. It’s my signature piece and it’s still in high demand, after all these years.
See You Soon Singapore!!!!!
ASL365: Thank you Mr Humperdinck. And see you at your show next month!

The Legendary Superstar and Master of Ballads, Engelbert Humperdinck, will return to Singapore to bring his ‘The Angel On My Shoulder’ Tour on November 05, 2019 at University Cultural Centre Hall.

Tickets are priced at $78, $98, $128, $148 and $168 via SISTIC. Pre-show party tickets, which includes a variation of house pours and finger food are also available here.
Special thanks to LAMC Productions and Mr Engelbert Humperdinck for the interview.






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