Canadian indie pop band, VALLEY have released their inspiringly honest six-song EP sucks to see you doing better with Universal Music Canada last week.

Compelled by a desire to spark open conversations about raw emotions, “sucks to see you doing better was born from our obsession of continuing to raise the bar with honesty and directness in our songs,” explained the JUNO nominated band.

In describing the new EP, VALLEY divulged,

sucks to see you doing better really doesn’t have one identity. We wanted it to feel isolated and alone but also like a giant hug when you listen to it in headphones. sucks to see you doing better should remind everyone that we’re going through the same mundane shit and struggling to deal with our day to day emotions whether it’s with ourselves or with other people.” 

VALLEY’s upbeat and sparkling indie-pop hooks noticeably contrast the deeply profound emotionally charged lyrical imagery they create.

However, despite lingering in conversations about mental health trouble spots, like feelings of hopelessness, dusting off after heartbreak, and feeling insignificance in a digital world, VALLEY have rejected apathy, despair and lethargy, choosing instead to use their music to construct a platform of positivity to help transition through the complexities of young adulthood. 

Some of the themes on this EP are feelings of self-pity, winning or losing a break up, surrendering and/or embracing feelings of apathy, reminiscing on a past relationship and despite coming to terms with the desolation of it, a part of you still wonders what they’re doing on a Friday night.

Comprising Rob Laska, Karah James, Mikey Brandolino, Alex DiMauro, the band have spent the past two years developing and becoming one of the top internationally streamed Canadian-domestic acts worldwide. Using their voices to help Gen-Z normalize much needed conversations about mental health, VALLEY strive to build a safe-space for listeners to embrace when they’re feeling alone during dark times of lingering negativity, struggles with apathy and other tremulous emotions. This connection with their fans helped the indie-rock ensemble of friends build an organic buzz. With only a pair of self-written, self-produced, debut releases under their belt (including their EP ‘This Room Is White’ and full-length ‘MAYBE’), the band has collected nearly 53 million streams on Spotify alone, a 2020 JUNO Award Nomination, support slots with Lennon Stella and The Band Camino on sold out North American tours in 2019, and a confirmed support billing with LovelyTheBand once the tour world reopens.

Clearly, with a title like ‘sucks to see you doing better’ – which features previously released singles “hiccup” (which gathered 200,000 streams in the first 48 hours) and “nevermind” – the next chapter of their catalog embraces how the chaos of existing is truly one of the most integral themes woven throughout their synth-drenched signature sound.

Listen to their new EP below!