VirtualDJ announces game-changing updates to their software

DJs take note! Top mixing software VirtualDJ’s latest updates includes a slew of new features giving beginner and superstar DJs alike more control over their tracks.

Following the latest version of their mixing software, VirtualDJ has rolled out new updates that significantly improves upon the quality of its real-time track separation technology.

Among the new features highlighted, the software improves the sound quality of the separated stems and gives additional control to DJs to adjust in real-time a bleeding parameter, and to fine-tune the quality of each track.

The program allows DJs to access in real-time, on any computer, separated acapella, instruments, or beats of any track. The technology has been described as game-changing among professional DJs.


1) For superstar DJs: Lose yourself in creativity, by browsing oldies and hidden gems from streaming platforms like Soundcloud, Beatport, Tidal, Deezer, etc, and instantly “try” new ideas on the fly, taking the bass line from here, the saxo from there, and check in real-time how this would sound together. You’ll probably come up with remixes you would never have thought before.

2) For club DJs: Bring your mixes to new heights of perfection, by having perfect control over the separated drums during transitions. Control the general energy of your mix by adjusting both hihats, and ensure a smooth takeover by playing with the kicks. Or cut the vocals if you need longer intros or outros.

3) For scratch DJs: Generate instant acapella in real-time on any track, so that you can scratch any vocal anywhere, and get the purest sound. And smoothly transition back to the full song at the end of your scratch.

4) For mobile DJs: Isolate the lyrics in your song at this crucial moment, to get the crowd singing along. Completely cut the kicks from difficult tracks to allow seamless transitions from different genres. Or create instant easy remixes or mashups to ensure your mixes stand out from regular radio edits.

5) For beginner DJs: Get started on your path to stardom by mastering today the techniques of tomorrow. Learn how to master stem mixing and quickly produce mixes that rival what experienced DJs are doing in studio.

Stephane Clavel, CEO of VirtualDJ, said:

“The release of this new technology last month has really put us in the spotlight, and we saw an incredible number of customers switching over from competitors. That gave all the team a boost of energy and pride, and got us to work double-time to improve on this already amazing feature. And we’re not going to stop there. We all see that what we’re doing here is really impacting the DJing world, and it’s an immensely satisfying feeling.”

VirtualDJ is the most popular DJ software, with over 150 million downloads, and sold in more than 180 countries. It is used from superstar DJs to curious music enthusiasts all around the world, and has been helping to make DJing better and more accessible for over 20 years.

VirtualDJ is free for non-commercial use, and can be downloaded on





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