We had One Sweet Day with Boyz II Men.

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It was clearly not the End Of The Road with Boyz II Men – their vocals still brimming with colours and sultry silhouettes that seemed to envelope us.

Gusts of warm emotions and incandescent tones flurried their way through our hearts on a cool Monday night, as American R&B group Boyz II Men took us back to an era of yesteryear with their nostalgic songs.
Consisting of members Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris and Shawn Stockman, the band have been around for 29 years, and are known for hits like “I’ll Make Love To You’, ‘End Of The Road’ and ‘Water Runs Dry’, so it was evident that everyone knew and loved them.
Beginning the night with songs like ‘Motownphilly’ and ‘On Bended Knee’, it was not long before the crowd of a few thousand at Suntec City Convention Hall were on their feet.
Against the pink and blue lighting gels, Stockman’s voice melted hearts as he belted out the lyrics of ‘On Bended Knee’, while…well, on bended knees, drawing fans in with his smooth vocals and suave stage presence.
The band gave us a good repertoire of many old favourites, as well as some interesting covers.
My favourite being – ‘Water Runs Dry’, for its sweet nostalgia, which reminded me of songs that I listened to as a kid.
After all, I was 9 when that song came out…
Besides classics, we were also treated to Bruno Mars’ ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’, The Beatles’ ‘Come Together’ and The Guess Who’s ‘American Woman’.
At that moment, a band that I had known from my childhood as singing mostly emotional ballads and acapella-like tunes, had turned the atmosphere into a rock gig, and it was great too!
Guitar riffs were on fire!
© Vanessa Mostafa
There were many moments where the charismatic men connected with their fans, as they joked, gave out roses, and even taught the audience to dance in a combination of swaying-snapping-of-fingers dance moves.
“We all know that there are some Boyz II Men babies in the crowd”, they joked, pointing out how their songs (like l’ll Make Love To You) always got folks in the mood for love.
“Or if they’re not here, they’re at home.”
It was also this very song, which had the three men give out roses to the fans near the stage, as they serenaded them as well.
A double “serenade” I would say!
To all the lucky ladies who received those roses that night, please take care of them!
Leaving us with encore piece, ‘One Sweet Day’, where the band encouraged us to sing’s Mariah’s part, it was moments like these which turned many hearts a-flutter that day.
It was One Sweet Day indeed!
© Vanessa Mostafa
The men were charming, funny, and their vocals were stunning.
Or as a fellow writer puts it, “I could marry their voices!”
For me, I would describe the colours of their voices as silhouettes of purple, blue and grey, or perhaps like the warm fuzzy feeling of a honey milk drink, eggnog or mulled wine.
29 years may have passed, but it was clearly not the End Of The Road with Boyz II Men – their vocals still brimming with colours and sultry silhouettes that seemed to envelope us that night.
The fans still singing out loud to that very song, as they exited the hall – proved how good the concert was!
Special thanks to IMC Live Global for the invite.
  1. Thank You In Advance / Motownphilly
  2. On Bended Knee
  3. It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday.
  4. 4 Seasons Of Loneliness
  5. Jamming
  6. Are You Gonna Go My Way
  7. American Woman / Locked Out Of Heaven
  8. Come Together
  9. Doing Just Fine
  10. Water Runs Dry
  11. I’ll Make Love To You
  12. Color Of Love
  13. MAMA
  14. End Of The Road
  15. One Sweet Day





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