Boyz II Men returns to Bangkok to perform at Union Hall for an amazing 28-year milestone.

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Boyz II Men told the Bangkok fans “We could not let go, because you did not let go”.

The Boyz II Men were everything that we loved about the 90’s. Back in the days when it was so important to buy the cassette tape to get them to number one, or we recorded it from the radio (shhhh). It was certainly a different era when they began and they told us about how the music industry had changed right in front of their eyes. After a certain point, they began to question themselves and their prevalence as performers. They confessed to the crowd that they were unsure “Whether people still wanted to listen to Boyz II Men anymore, if they still wanted to hear love songs anymore?” The cheers that resounded in the hall were clearly saying yes, we do!
They started with some of their classics, including the sublime ‘On Bended Knee’ as the second song in their set. The angelic vocals from the three members, baritone Nathan Morris alongside tenors Wanya Morris and Shawn Stockman was just beautiful. We were singing along and earnestly waving our arms in the air.
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Then, out of nowhere, they started played some covers. It switched from Bob Marley’s ‘Jamming’ to Lenny Kravitz ‘Are You Gonna Go My Way’ to The Beatles ‘Come Together’. It was a pleasant surprise that got everyone jumping. Morris took the limelight as he revelled in showing his dance moves. He clearly was enjoying himself and this was irresistible to us.
After this mishmash of rock covers, they slipped back to the Boyz II Men that we know and love. Everyone had been waiting for ‘I’ll Make Love to You’ and there was a rush to the front as the guys came out with bushels of roses. The fans were such a mix of ages and it goes to show the long-lasting appeal of Boyz II Men. This became obvious by the scores of mums in the crowd as ‘MAMA’ was sung.
Just before the final song, they came out to say how much they appreciated the fans that have a mutual love, a mutual agreement and a mutual respect for real music that gives raw emotion. The next song, they told us, “We wrote it in our hearts and we didn’t even know it. It’s the kind of song that made us stay when we wanted to leave and sometimes made us come back when we left”. That song was ‘End of the Road’, and as the show wrapped up everyone sang and embraced.
Special thanks to IMC Live Global for the invite.





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