Wet Leg share music video for ‘Oh No’

Wet Leg are back with a fourth self-directed music video in anticipation for their self-titled debut album due out April 8.

Following previous singles ‘Chaise Longue’, ‘Wet Dream’ and ‘Too Late Now’, Wet Leg return with another fun self-directed music video for new single ‘Oh No’.

Member Rhian Teasdale said of the song,

“It’s been a pretty wild ride for us these past few months, we never really thought much past actually making music and playing gigs. It’s quite an odd thing to suddenly open yourself to so much criticism and praise alike. The comments that complete strangers will leave on our videos are so funny and range wildly in sentiment. Although we know it is bad for us to read them and we try to avoid it, sometimes it’s irresistible when you’re on your own; the 3am doom scroll really gets you. For this video, we have obsessively selected our favourite bits from the comments sections across our socials, the good, the bad, the ugly and have repurposed them to make something new – it has been quite cathartic actually.”

For the music video, she adds,

“The video was shot on the Isle of Wight at the bottom of a chairlift that you can take from the top of the cliff. The rope costume – made by costume designer Kate Tabor – weighed an absolute tonne and it took three of us to carry it down the cliff to shoot. We’d each grab onto a limb, and after 20 minutes of heavy lifting managed to get it down the steep steps leading to the beach. We’re thinking of starting it up as a work-out class for alternative types.”

Alongside the new video, Wet Leg have announced a run of gigs at UK record shops including London, Bristol, Nottingham and Birmingham around the release of their debut album Wet Leg, due April 8th.

The album is described as “sad music for party people, and party music for sad people.”

The duo have also been nominated for five BandLab NME Awards including Best New Act In The World, Best Song In The World, Best Music Video, Best New Act (UK) and Best Song (UK).

Photo credit: Hollie Fernando





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