Following the success of his album pre-release tracks ‘good’ and ‘nothing but the love’, Wrabel returns with a new single ‘back to back’, a track of heart-aching realism that finds the celebrated songwriter/artist volleying verses with Dutch sensation Duncan Laurence as they peel back the bittersweet aftermath layers of a couple’s quarrel.

Written alongside Kurtis McKenize (formerly The Arcade), Léon, and Jon Mills, the song finds two individuals laying back to back in bed, internally spiralling through questions of heartbreak, self-worth, and the disconnection between them. It’s earnest songwriting at its finest, and Wrabel & Duncan’s performances (especially together on the star-bound chorus) are masterclasses in emotive vocal delivery.

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It’s the latest cut off Wrabel’s much-anticipated debut full-length album, ‘these words are all for you’, which is set for release on September 24 via Big Gay Records/Nettwerk. The album will usher into the world the next chapter from one of modern music’s most celebrated, versatile, powerhouse songwriters and rising artists.

In ‘back to back’, Wrabel showcases his heart-shattering, slice-of-life songwriting about finding love, losing it, and discovering oneself throughout the journey. He elaborates of the song: “In relationships, it’s wild to me how sometimes the smallest things can cause the biggest rifts. I’ve often heard it said ‘never go to bed angry.’ Whether it’s anger or sadness or something from the past bubbling up to the surface, it’s a terrible feeling. Even while sharing the same bed, you can feel a thousand miles apart. But the hope is that all it takes is a nudge, a turn, even a single word to reconnect and close the gap.”

Wrabel added that “this song was written with such special people – Léon and Kurtis McKenize (formerly The Arcade) — it’s been one of the most special songs to me since the days we wrote it. Getting to record and release this with Duncan is a dream come true. I’m such a fan and admirer of his work; how much heart he puts into his music, the emotion he pours out. It’s truly an honor to have this song together.”

Laurence comments,

“I’m so happy I got the chance to work with Wrabel and to be a part of his album.

“Ever since I started writing my own songs I’ve always listened to his music. His style of music is so honest and emotional. Just like our duet ‘back to back.’ Thanks Wrabel, never stop being who you are.”

Since the success of Wrabel’s four previous EPs, Wrabel has since racked up over 450 million streams to date. His earnest and poignant songwriting has also been described by Buzzfeed as “criminally underrated”, and The Huffington Post wrote that he is “one of pop’s unsung talents”. Wrabel has also racked up a string of collaborations/co-writing partnerships with Kesha (including their 2020 collab “since i was young”  that earned coverage on Pitchfork, Rolling Stone and Billboard), P!nk, Louis Tomlinson, Backstreet Boys, Louis the Child, Wafia, Cash Cash, and more.

His previous singles from his forthcoming album has received huge support in South East Asia, with the track “good” entering 13 major radio stations which includes Hard Rock FM Surabaya, Trax FM Palembang, Motion Radio Jakarta, Kiss FM Medan and Kiss 92FM Singapore. Currently, Singapore, Indonesia and Taiwan are in Wrabel’s Top 20 markets based on streaming.

these words are all for you Tracklist:

  1. let love in
  2. wish you well
  3. don’t pick up the phone
  4. london
  5. back to back (feat. Duncan Laurence)   
  6. cars
  7. good
  8. it’s us (feat. Madi Diaz)
  9. nothing but the love
  10. pale blue dot
  11. love is not a simple thing to lose