Yaeji crafts 2021 theme for PAC-MAN with ‘PAC-TIVE’

The NYC-based Korean artist and Chinese-Japanese collective DiAN unveil a collaborative music video with director WEiRDCORE for the classic video game PAC-MAN titled ‘PAC-TIVE’.

Yaeji wrote and produced ‘PAC-TIVE’ by using the original PAC-MAN video game’s sound effects as samples.

Working with China and Japan-based collective DiAN, the track features a trippy animated music video by London-based visual artist WEiRDCORE.

The surreal video stars a hybrid character made up of Yaeji’s animated companion dog Woofa and PAC-MAN.

Inspired by Yaeji’s childhood memories of Korean market fronts, the animated doggy chases around a virtual city center and passes through characters from the iconic Japanese video-game as well as neon signs designed by renowned visual studio The Designers Republic (whose work have been prominently featured in the Wipeout video game series).

Commissioned by video game company Bandai Namco, the MV is part of their ‘BE-PACTIVE!!’ initiative – a campaign to inspire PAC-MAN fans to stay active.

The initiative aims to create innovative music videos by some of the world’s renowned creatives.

A longtime fan of the game, Yaeji says,

“PAC-MAN is a game my parents and I can both remember playing in arcades growing up. It connects me to my previous generation and possibly to future generations too.”

This latest video by the Korean electronic artist follows her previous MV of ‘When In Summer, I Forget About The Winter’.

Yaeji also recently performed her visual ‘Kreaji w/ Yaeji’ livestream with OHHYUK from Korean indie band HYUKOH.

DiAN, who made their debut via label U/M/A/A last year, fuses music culture from Japan and China. Formed by vocalist Saku, sound producer A-bee, and composer immi, they have released electronic-pop music inspired by the 80’s.

They recently released a multi-language retrowave song in celebration of PAC-MAN‘s 40th anniversary at the end of 2020.

WEiRDCORE has frequently collaborates with Aphex Twin, as well as having worked with many artists from the XL Recordings label (of which Yaeji is a part of) including M.I.A, ARCA, Radiohead, Smerz, Overmono, The Horrors.

His work has been featured in museums and galleries around the world including his first large-scale solo exhibition ‘ORIENT FLUX‘ in Beijing.





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