A quick chat with Yellow Claw post-performance at Tomorrowland Around the World festival

We catch up with Dutch DJ Nizzle (Nils Rondhuis) of Yellow Claw after his lockdown performance at Tomorrowland’s Around the World virtual event.

AL365: Hey, thank you for taking your time to chat with us. How have you been doing during quarantine? What have you been doing with all the extra time at home?

Yellow Claw: We’ve mainly been chilling. And from that chill and unforced perspective, started working on new creative stuff.

AL365: You performed at Tomorrowland 2020, how did you feel after the show?

Yellow Claw: I felt kinda curious about what they were gonna do with the video material of me playing in a complete green studio. They showed some avatar kinda stuff they wanted to do but I couldn’t believe it until I saw it a while later.

AL365: If you could use one word to describe how you feel when you got the invitation from Tomorrowland, what would it be?

Yellow Claw: Tomorrowland is always fun for us, we live close so we basicaly drive there which gives us a special feeling. Sleeping in your own bed after a show only happens once or twice every year.

AL365: You have done some live streams already, what was it like performing for thousands of people who were not in front of you?

Yellow Claw: It’s kinda weird but at the same time when you feel that first drop hit, it just bring you back to that real party feeling.

AL365: How did you plan what you were going to play at Tomorrowland 2020?

Yellow Claw: We wanted to drop some old tunes for the OG fans and some new unreleased stuff too.

AL365: You have performed at Tomorrowland so many times, do you think this time is the craziest?

Yellow Claw: Crazy as in weird, yes. Crazy as in the crowd goin’ mental, obviously not. But still it was fun to connect with the people and celebrate this iconic festival.

AL365: Once the COVID-19 situation finally gets better and we are all out of quarantine, where do you want to be and why?

Yellow Claw: Back on the road.  Sleepless nights on airports and portable festival toilets. Let’s get it.

Tomorrowland 2020’s Relive platform is still live for another week until August 12 before all sets are closed indefinitely. Be sure to check relive all the sets here, and stay tuned for our recap on favorite highlights and moments from the event!





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