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Adele had a tearful day after the Grammys

Appearing on The Ellen Degeneres Show yesterday, Adele revealed that she’d cried after her Grammys performance which didn’t go quite as planned because of a microphone mishap.

Adele told Ellen, “I cried pretty much all day yesterday. I was really embarrassed.”

But fans need not worry. After a burger, a beer and a good cry, the 10-time Grammy winner is over it: “I would have cried if it went really well as well. If it was a stand out performance, I would have cried as well. I always cry. But yeah. I kept like spontaneously bursting into tears yesterday. But it was alright. I was fine.”

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In fairness, Adele’s delivery of “All I Ask” was amazing and all the more props for her to handle the sound issues so professionally. She added that live broadcasts are usually hard for her: “I knew where the [piano] mic was and I wanted to turn around and lift it up but I froze.”

“If it wasn’t live TV I would have busted a joke, but because it was TV I couldn’t make it my own,” she said. “I couldn’t make the disaster my own.”

Though she promised next time there’s a sound problem she wouldn’t let the opportunity slip. Check out the full interview below.





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