Rising alt-R&B singer-songwriter Evann McIntosh has released a new groovy single, ‘COCO PEBBLES’.

‘COCO PEBBLES’ is a clever declaration of admiration full of clever lyricism sung spoken word over a groovy bassline.

Written by Evann themself, the music video is directed by close collaborator Caleb Carnell. It tells an unorthodox love story set in a diner (the Churn & Burn in Wichita, Kansas).

Evann explains,

“’COCO PEBBLES’ is a track that was inspired by the first time I’d heard ‘Irresistible Bitch’ by Prince,” Evann explains. “It sounds nothing like it, but I’d really wanted to make a funky track like that and this is what came to be.”

The song is part of their forthcoming album, Character Development, out on August 27 via Mom+Pop. It follows previously released single, ‘ELECTRICITY’, from last month.

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The album attempts to capture the “turbulent act of coming-of-age”, and will touch upon themes of growth and evolution, gender identity and sexuality, freedom, and self-expression.

Written and produced in the singer’s Kansas bedroom, the eight-track record mixes dark alt-pop and dreamy R&B, sprinkled with influences of hip-hop, jazz and funk.