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When it comes to live events, millennials look for more than just music

When choosing which live events to go to, millennials base their decision on more than just the music, a new study by Eventbrite unveils.

Surveying British adults aged between 18-45, the online ticketing and event organising platform finds that 81% of millennials (ages 18-34) consider more than the music when deciding on which concerts or music festivals to attend, citing engagement with a like-minded individuals.

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The study also shows 78% of millennials are more likely to partake in a live music event that features artists who affect positive change through their music, compared to 69% of people aged 35-45. They also believe that attending an event is the best way to show what they stand up for. (A few examples come to mind: seeing Miley Cyrus, who founded a nonprofit supporting homeless, LGBTQ and marginalised youths, attending the recent One Love Manchester concert or, closer to home, festivals like Wonderfruit, who has invested in protecting 65,000 hectares of forest in Borneo Island.)

Miley Cyrus performs at Capital Pride 2017 Concert on June 11, 2017 ©GotCeleb
Miley Cyrus performs at Capital Pride 2017 Concert on June 11, 2017 ©GotCeleb

The sentiment is echoed across the pond. In another research, Eventbrite finds that American new adults, who remain the driving force behind the live experience economy, increasingly attend events that promote positive change. Although known as the Internet generation, they prefer taking actions offline to online when it comes to supporting their cause and building a community around it.

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Meanwhile, for some older millennials, especially those who are already parents, social media capital matters: 61% of millennial parents admit they attend an event so they have something so share online, compared to 34% of millennials without children. Additionally, 70% of them have shared their experience real-time, through live streaming or otherwise, compared to 47% of millennials without children.


What are your thoughts? As someone based in Asia, where options of events are aplenty but not nearly as bountiful as the west, do you look at other aspects beside the music?

Read Eventbrite’s full report here.
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